N-Plus, the premium service that Netflix is ​​preparing

Netflix is ​​testing a possible Premium service called N-Plus Among other things, this would enable the customization of playlists and access to additional content such as “offs” of the best series and films on the platform, as well as exclusive podcasts.

With N-Plus, Netflix is ​​promoting its own ecosystem for advice and information

The streaming platform has sent out a series of surveys to some users explaining how N-Plus works. This online area offers additional content such as “DVD extras”, but also some premium functions.

For example, in addition to the custom playlists mentioned above that could be shared like Spotify, Netflix is ​​looking into adding additional features, such as: B. those who would emulate them X-ray function present in Amazon Prime Video, which provides real-time information about the actors shown on the screen or the music that is played while a content is playing.

In addition, users who subscribe to this format can use N-Plus to add their own reviews of films, series and documentaries, which other users will see when they select the content. This is where the ability to add podcasts would come into play as it is understood that their themes are cinematographic and serial and act as a solid extension to written reviews.

The ultimate goal of Netflix with N-Plus would be to generate its own ecosystem that would make it possible to maintain a “trapped audience” who would do without Google searches to find out about a film or series Could find data and recommendations without leaving the Netflix environment and expanding the recommendation options that the platform’s own algorithm already offers.

Last fall, Netflix’s chief editor, Max Mills, stated in an interview that the Connection between users and the company It was paramount to the streaming platform, and N-Plus seems like a huge effort to reinforce that point. There is currently no official confirmation of the N-Plus launch date. It is only known that Netflix conducts user surveys about its possible features.

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