NASA is looking for candidates to go to Mars

Look for work? NASA could be looking for you. It announced on February 16 that it is seeking candidates for a one-year simulated mission. It will recreate the conditions of the red planet. NASA is looking for candidates to go to Mars. They hope to understand the challenges that will arise during future human exploration.

«[La agencia espacial de EEUU] are looking for US citizens or permanent residents. They must be healthy and motivated. They are required to be non-smokers, between 30 and 55 years old, and fluent in English for effective communication between the crew and mission control. Applicants must have a strong desire to experience unique and rewarding adventures. Also interest in contributing to NASA's work to prepare for the first human trip to Mars,” the entity said in a statement.

NASA is looking for candidates to go to Mars.  Join in.
NASA is looking for candidates to go to Mars. Join in.

Some requirements

Requirements also include having a master's degree in some specialties. Engineering, mathematics, or biological, physical or computer sciences are some of these. In addition to at least two years of experience in that field or a minimum of 1,000 hours as an aircraft pilot. The crew selection follows NASA's standard criteria for astronaut candidates. This was specified by the agency.

Who else could be considered candidates? Those with two years of work on a doctorate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Those who have completed a medical degree or passed a test pilot program. And those who have complete military training and four years of work as a professional.

Simulated habitat

This is the second of three planned missions, called CHAPEA. It will begin in spring 2025. Each mission consists of four people. They will live and work within a 158 square meter 3D printed habitat. It is located at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

The habitat is called Mars Dune Alpha. Simulates the obstacles that a mission to Mars could face. These include limited resources, equipment failures, communications delays, and other environmental factors.

NASA is looking for candidates to go to Mars. What are you waiting for to try it?

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