Neolithic axe with a tiger

The Neolithic period, characterised by its use of stone tools, saw the development of the astonishing axe with a tiger used by humans. This discovery was an incredible step forward in the development of the axe, representing a revolution of the traditional tool-making.

A team of Chinese archaeologists unearthed it. It is a strange stone object in the shape of an axe. It has an engraving with an interesting pattern: a feline. The Neolithic axe with a tiger appeared in Jiangsu province, eastern China.

The object was found on a sacrificial platform along with splinters and areas of wear. However, specialists point out that this would not be a utilitarian tool, since the iconography suggests that it could have been a piece that functioned as a symbol of great social status.

The Neolithic axe with a tiger has a delicate outline in its conception.
Neolithic axe with a tiger has a delicate stroke in its conception.

Nearly 5 thousand years

The artifact has engravings on both sides. It is estimated to be 4,500 years old. They believe that it would correspond to the Neolithic culture of Liangzhu. Previously, drawings with birds and other designs similar to the shape of clouds had been found at the site. But this is the first time that the image of a panther has been discovered.

One side has a tiger at the top, clouds in the middle and flying birds at the bottom. The other side has more images. There are other flying birds at the top, a feline in the middle and cumulus clouds at the bottom. Archaeologists believe these were carved with a hard, sharp stone tool. Their recording has a flowing, single-line style of fine, smooth features.

The image that stands out on the relic is a majestic tiger.
The image that stands out on the relic is a majestic tiger.

Other objects

The first find occurred in 2020 on the west shore of Taihu Lake. It was during some construction works. In August 2022 the formal start of excavations was given. Since then multiple cultural layers appeared. These make it possible to estimate the area of the archaeological site at about 20 square kilometers.

For the time being, a total of 329 rock tools have appeared. Also, 73 stone and bone arrowheads. The collection is completed by 436 fishing net weights and numerous ceramic and jade objects. But the most striking is the Neolithic axe with a tiger. An artistic and utilitarian object.

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