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If deciding which movie or series to watch on Netflix is difficult for adults, much more for children. For that reason, the streaming platform has just introduced a new service designed to put an end to those minutes of indecision. The christened “Mystery Box”, now available to all Netflix Kids users, leaves these difficult decisions in the hands of its algorithm.

Netflix Kids’ “Mystery Box” leaves it up to the algorithm to decide which movie or series to play

It is a tool very similar to the one that already exists in the normal version of Netflix, which randomly plays one of Netflix’s top series or movies. However, this child version differs from the first one in that it will always play a title that has not been seen before.

This “Mystery Box” will not make a decision purely by chance. Netflix’s algorithm, based on other previously viewed movies and series, will choose a title that suits the user’s tastes and interests.

To access this Netflix “mystery box” one must select a child profile beforehand within the platform. Then, go to the “Favorites” section at the top of the page. From this tab you can access the “Mystery Box”.

With this move Netflix is trying to position itself in the children’s market of content platforms. Competition is tough and its direct rival, Disney+, has already announced its intention to invest $32 billion in new content throughout this 2022.

Last year Netflix made some relevant investment in this area, acquiring for example the production company Roald Dahl Story Company. Also Hulu, HBO Max and Apple TV have specific offerings for children’s audiences.

Netflix’s situation has been delicate in recent months. As the platform itself has recognized, during the first three months of the year it has lost 200,000 users, and it is possible that it will continue to fall.

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