Netflix is ​​testing a system to prevent account sharing

The Netflix streaming platform wants to prevent an account from having more “same” users, and has begun testing a system to verify that anyone who accesses its content is authorized to do so. In its Terms of Service, Netflix already warns that accounts cannot be shared beyond the core of the family, although the practice of users – who want to watch the best Netflix movies and series – is usually different: up to 21% of users share Your Netflix account pay less.

Netflix states in its terms of use that passwords can only be shared by roommates

To avoid this, Netflix adds a layer of security consisting of a pop-up window asking for the Confirmation that the user is authorized Via an SMS or a message sent to the user’s email account. A resource for the two-step authentication systems that are common in many programs, platforms and services and this time are intended to confirm that the user is authorized to access his profile on Netflix.

This request can be confirmed later. If the confirmation message is displayed again, there are only two options: enter the confirmation because the SMS was received or the email account associated with the account was accessed … or configure a new Netflix Account.

Netflix is ​​currently testing this method with some accounts (TV access only) that have an on-screen warning message that says:

Start your own free Netflix today. If you do not live with the owner of this account, you will need your own to continue viewing [el contenido]. Register for free for the first 30 days. is this your account? If so, we will send you a confirmation code »

Then select the three options mentioned above: Send the code to an e-mail address, as a text message or Postpone review at a later time.

Netflix offers several different types of subscriptions, some of which are the simultaneous access of two or up to four devices. These modalities are intended for family or coexistence (as explained by Netflix in its Terms of Use), but it often happens that subscriptions are shared both between groups of friends and between relatives who do not live under the same behavior that they do want to approach from the platform.

The measure could affect a good number of subscribers as some studies show results with very high numbers of Netflix users who share passwordsbetween 33% (according to Magid) and 52% (according to Kill the Cable Bill), about half of them with people (both family and friends) with whom they do not live under one roof.

Behind the scenes, Netfilx’s intention would be to convert an important part of the users who share a password into new clients, even if this is done through the most economical individual access modality. In addition to increasing sales, the streaming platform would also allow it to grow the 200 million subscribers it already has around the world.

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