Netflix launches Tudum, a website with news and release dates

The best documentaries on Netflix

Netflix has introduced a new website: Tudum. The title corresponds to the onomatopoeia of the popular sound that accompanies the appearance of the logo of this streaming platform, that big red N that precedes its contents.

Tudum is the onomatopoeia of the sound that plays on screen when the N of Netflix appears

It is a sound whose origin some link to the famous double knuckle rap of Frank Underwood (protagonist of the first big hit of the platform, the series “House if Cards”). In addition, it is a name that also receives the annual event of the platform that takes place in September and where the novelties of the season are announced.

On that website subscribers and non-subscribers can find the most comprehensive information about projects, release datesthe platform presents this website as the place where you can find out everything about the self-titled “Netflix”: the best series, the best movies, documentaries… The platform presents this website as the place where you can find out everything about the self-titled “Netflix” “the world’s first television network”.

Subscribers can access tu du by identifying themselves with their account details on the streaming platform, which will get a personalized experience of content recommendation that is still in its early stages of development but will gradually expand the functions and service that can offer.

Tudum will have both information and extra content related to the series and movies available on Netflix: interviews, news about upcoming shoots, information about trends related to series and movies, as well as all kinds of details about future content coming to Netflix.

As outlined by Bozoma Saint John, the platform’s chief marketing officer, Netflix aims to add through Tudum an avenue for users and fans to “dive deep into the stories they love, fueling their passions and fostering the start of new conversations”.

Netflix Tudum

The Tudum website is now accessible all over the planet even though for the moment only in Englishnetflix has so far announced no plans to launch versions of this page in other languages, such as Spanish, so that this information channel can be enjoyed in all Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, where the platform already has a large user base since it began its activity in 2015.

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