Netflix studies are making the leap to video games

Netflix is ​​evaluating the option of Include video games in your catalog. To this end, the company is looking for an experienced CEO to take over Netflix’s expansion in this sector.

Netflix is ​​looking for a seasoned CEO to take responsibility for its gaming strategy

So far, the company has flirted and approached the world of video games despite keeping distances. Netflix has the. licensed Turn some into a video game of his best productions like “Stranger Things” or “The Dark Crystal”. The streaming company has also produced some interactive films such as “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.

With the public’s positive response to these experiments, Netflix is ​​poised to go one step further. Direct competitors to Netflix such as Google, Apple and Amazon have already tried their luck in the industry of video games with disappointing results.

The first of them closed Stadia Games, its video game development studio, in February after multiple outages despite maintaining its game rental business. Amazon Game Studios, on the other hand, was not able to achieve great success in the industry with the development of its own video games.

However, Netflix would study a similar business model as Apple Arcade. That is, a video game distribution platform that Netflix wouldn’t care about developing. The company would limit itself to offering a catalog of games as a paid subscription, a model very similar to the one that has featured in the best films and TV series for years.

While the details of this new Netflix project have not been confirmed by the company, the company may not have plans to host advertisements on its video game catalog to monetize the service, which would be funded by subscription, as it does with movies and video games. Series. The prices of the possible plans and features are unknown.

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