Netflix’s best documentaries about real crime

The “real crime” is a type of documentary, usually based on cases of actual murders and enforced disappearanceswhich has become very popular on Netflix and other streaming content platforms. In various episodes, these documentaries show not only the profile of the victims and murderers, but the entire investigation process as well as statements from relatives and people involved in the cases.

The “real crimes” are a documentary genre about real crimes, based on images and testimony of investigators and those involved.

One of the reasons this type of content is so popular is that it tries to clear up cases or offer new points of view that either never got completed or had dubious sentences. Usually they are somewhat gruff stories with a lot of mystery and suspense. At the same time, some of these documentaries also feature the Testimony of the defendants themselves and by the perpetrators who morbidly add an extra dose.

For fans of this type of content, while we already recommend the best Netflix documentaries in general, today we’re going to focus on those who deal with real crime. This is our recommendation:

– «Why did they kill me?»: One of the last “True Crime” documentaries added to Netflix was about the murder of Crystal Theobald, a 24-year-old girl who lived in Riverside, a city south of Los Angeles. The strength of the case is the desire to find those responsible, which leads the mother of the young woman to search for her killers through social networks posing as her deceased daughter.

– “The sons of Sam”: Sam’s son is one of America’s most famous serial killers. The series reviews the murders of David Berkowitz and focuses on the obsession journalist Maury Terry developed with the case to ensure that the crimes were indeed the work of some satanic cult.

– “Conversations with the Killers: The Ted Bundy Tapes”: Bundy is perhaps the most famous serial killer in history and the first person to be imposed with the term. In the 1970s, he molested and murdered more than 30 young women in the United States. The series reconstructs Bundy’s crime scenes from the tapes he recorded in prison, in which he reveals some details of his life.

-“The stairs”: The story revolves around the trials of Michael Peterson, an American writer who is accused of the death of his wife. Although the accused maintains his innocence, data is revealed in the 13 episodes of the documentary that could upset the balance against him.

– “The Night Stalker”: Richard Ramirez is one of the “most famous” names in American crime and one of the most feared. He murdered, raped and tortured several people ruthlessly and bloodthirstily like no other in the 1980s.

– «Jeffery Epstein: Asquerosamente rico»: Jeffery Epstein is one of the most popular names in recent times. The American billionaire hid behind a semblance of chivalry a pedophile conspiracy involving many famous names from US society, politics, and the arts. The series focuses on the damage Epstein did to his victims and less on the character of the stalker.

– “The Alcázar Case”: The case of the young Miriam, Toñi and Desireé rocked Spain in the 1990s and led to a radical change in the way journalism and television would deal with such cases in the future. The series uses current testimonies from the protagonists as well as images of the time to complete a search that is still active for some almost 30 years later.

– “The Confession Killer”: The series reminds the viewer of Henry Lee Lucas, one of the worst serial killers in history. Lucas claims to have murdered more than 300 people, about three a week. The story from the hands of the murderer is horrific and tells who, how and why, as well as the testimonies of Lee Lucas’ own family.

– “Don’t Touch Cats: A Killer on the Internet”: One of the most unlikely and recommended “true crimes” on the platform. A group of Facebook users discovered videos of someone engaged in killing cats and recording themselves. The group will use the internet and networks to find the responsible person, but did not believe how complicated the search could be.

– «The Keepers»: If the previous one is one of the most unlikely documentaries on the platform, “The Keepers” is one of the most spectacular and well-maintained. It is a case from the 1960s, the murder of the nun Catherine Cesnik, which hides a real conspiracy in which cases of pedophilia and murder are hidden.

– “Disappeared at Hotel Cecil”: The Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is one of the blackest buildings in the world. Not only has it been the site of countless murders and strange events, but its walls also house some of the worst killers in history, such as the famous Richard Ramírez. The documentary tries to clear up the facts surrounding the disappearance of the young Elisa Lam, whose strange circumstances, together with even stranger images captured by the hotel cameras, sparked a veritable wave of theories on the internet.

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