New cyberattack against the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy

The Department of Labor and Social Economy was hit by a cyberattack just three months after the attack on the State Employment Service (SEPE) that paralyzed the service for several days and delayed procedures and payments for a week, resulting in officials processing applications manually .

The department’s technicians are already working with the National Cryptological Center to determine the origin and extent of the attack

On this occasion, the origin of the virus that accessed the networks of the ministry headed by Yolanda Díaz is unknown and it is not yet known whether it is also a ramsonware attack, a type of attack that steals the files of a Computer or another hijacked computer network and demand a ransom for it.

It was the ministry itself that confirmed the attack through a tweet on its Twitter account, indicating that both the company’s technicians and those of the National Cryptological Center are already working together to determine the origin of this new attack and normality restore as soon as possible.

Although the SEPE website was unaffected and functioning normally on that occasion, ministry sources confirm that several of its agencies have turned off all computers to prevent the detected attack from spreading on the ministry’s computer network.

In any case, the Ministry of Labor has not given any information about which positions are affected and to what extent. The nature of the threat is also unknown.

The attack comes at a point in time that the government’s government following the March attack Development of a new national security strategy, with legislative proposals to strengthen network security and to prevent these attacks as well as to guarantee communication security through the implementation of 5G.

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