New features coming to Google Maps

New features in Google Maps

One of the best map application servers today, Google Mapshas been updated to offer its users more incredible new features that will mark the future of this platform.

The user experience of Maps will improve significantly with what has just arrived in the app.

These are the new features that Google Maps incorporates, which will optimize your user experience.

– Immersive view: Google Maps will use Artificial Intelligence and computer vision technologies to bring to life a virtual world full of details. With this tool you will have the ability to navigate through the entire area and its facilities, you will know where the most accessible entrances are and you will even know how the area will look and the weather according to the time of day. From the immersive view you will also be able to visit streets to explore nearby establishments and take a look inside them.

To create realistic virtual images, Google has used Neural Radiation Fields (NeRF). This is an Artificial Intelligence that transforms ordinary images into 3D representations capable of accurately recreating the full context of a place. To such an extent that it can also represent the lighting, the texture of materials and what is in the background. The immersive view is already active in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

– Explore and navigate with AR: uses augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence to help users find things around them, such as ATMs, restaurants, parks and transit stations.

To achieve this, it is enough to use the mobile camera to perform the scan of the area. Google Maps will immediately display useful information of the places that are open, if they are busy and if they have a good reputation. This will be ideal for you to make the right decision and not waste time in an establishment that is not to your liking.

This type of augmented reality will be especially useful in spacious and unfamiliar areas, such as an airport. AR will indicate the correct direction to the point you want to get to, you will find the restrooms, lounges, cab stands, car rentals, etc. without complications. This function will be enabled in more than 1000 airports, train stations and shopping malls.

– Electric cars: As more people have taken the plunge into driving electric cars, Google Maps now also offers additional information for these drivers. The company shows more charging stops for short trips, locations of very fast charging stations and the search results will also show the stations that are available in the area.

– Visible indications while navigating: here it won’t matter which mode of transport you use. You will have access to track your trip from the overview or the lock screen. Also from the lock screen you will see where to make your next turn, which is very useful. Before this update this was not possible, you had to unlock the mobile to access the information. On the other hand, visible directions will be launched in the coming months.

-More detailed cycling routes: This is a guided route mode with detailed turn-by-turn directions that has been in place for over a decade now, and now directions and information regarding such things as elevation or the location of shared bike facilities along the route have been added. The cyclist will also be informed of traffic conditions and the type of road along the route (main road, secondary road, bike lane, shared street…) as well as warning of obstacles on the road.

-Improvements in the function that allows location sharing: In this case an interesting new feature is the ability to automatically notify contacts of departure and arrival times.

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