New NASA mission to Mars successfully launched

Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system. It is the planet with the highest expectations to find evidence of life. Therefore we try to study it in detail. This Thursday, July 30th, 2020, the Perseverance probe started successfully. Complete a NASA mission to Mars. The probe was powered by an Atlas V rocket.

Mission to Mars started
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The probe carries an independent scout vehicle that prides itself on being the largest and most ambitious vehicle ever built. One of the expectations is to bring samples of this surface to Earth for further investigation. Also the ways to find evidence that shows that life exists in one of its stages, or evidence of an earlier life.

Features of the mission to Mars

While this is the third mission to launch from Earth to Mars in 2020, this is the most ambitious. A week ago, the United Arab Emirates and China sent their respective missions. They all have the same fate and the same goal.

The trip will take seven months and, according to the calculations made, will reach Mars on February 18, 2021. It will land in the Jezero crater. This crater is located north of the equator of the red planet and has a diameter of about 45 kilometers.

According to studies, mission scientists assume that there was a lake billions of years ago. The reason for choosing this crater is not accidental. It is estimated that they may find petrified microorganisms that have been deposited by the river in the past.

Mission to Mars

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As mentioned earlier, the vehicle carries instruments weighing one ton. In addition to the weather station manufactured in Spain, it has a stereoscopic and panoramic camera that supports the vehicle in its operation.

It also has an instrument that generates oxygen from carbon dioxide and a spectrometer to study the surface of Mars. Another ultraviolet ray spectrometer for the investigation of molecular organisms and the analysis of fine materials. A radar for examining the ground, which can penetrate the Martian underground with its waves. In addition to a super camera that can take pictures. It will make it possible to carry out mineralogy analyzes through them.

However, there is another secret besides the six-wheel rover. A helicopter called Ingenuity that weighs less than 2 kilograms. The device is made of carbon fiber and has two rotors that rotate in opposite directions.

In addition to exploring the planet, this helicopter can demonstrate whether the red planet can fly by air. A vision of the future to send drones to Mars in future unmanned missions until humans can step on the surface of Mars.

steal Persevere in the mission to Mars
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This ambitious and expensive NASA mission to Mars also includes three chips that are named after people from all over the world. Ten million names of people receive a boarding pass as a souvenir and frequent flyer miles as a reward.

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