New Netflix measures to prevent account sharing

Netflix TV screen and remote control

Netflix has announced a new feature called “Profile Transfer ” which, in the words of the platform, “allows users of your account to transfer a profile when they start their own membership”.

“Profile Transfer” moves all of a user’s viewing history and preferences to a new account

This allows, in the case of shared accounts, the sharing users to be able to transfer all of their viewing history, favorites lists, ratingsIn short, transfer your entire viewing history to the new profile that you will have if you subscribe to your own account.

And it is that Netflix, aware of the large number of users who share their passwords with friends and family, has long wanted to curb this habit by limiting its use so that, for example, all users must access the Internet from the same IP, which would indicate that they are different members of the same family, or by limiting the number of devices from which they access, even if from different user accounts.

In this way the platform wants to emphasize that this possibility was not born for the account to be shared between friends and family members living in different residences, but for. members of the same family or cohabitants in the same household. and, where applicable, that they can view the content while roaming from their own mobile devices.

Netflix’s strategy is to start in 2023 a sort of “persecution” of this type of shared accounts, while promoting its new “Basic Plan with ads” that allows access at a lower price to a somewhat reduced Netflix catalog in addition to having 5 minutes of advertising insertion for each hour of viewing.

Another option proposed by the platform is the possibility of charging an extra amount for sharing the Netflix account outside the usual address, something that increases the price of the monthly subscription, although in a lower amount than if another additional account were contracted.

From the streaming platform they refer to the creation of new accounts by previous users of shared accounts alluding to the fact that “people move, families grow, relationships end”, but it seems clear that the background is to try to curb the loss of users (and revenue) in Netflix that reached 200,000 users only during the first three months of 2022.

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