New restrictions in OnlyFans when collecting money

How much do you make at OnlyFans?

OnlyFans, the platform for paid erotic photos and videos (mainly, although not only including this type of content), has changed the way in which users who upload content can withdraw the money earned on the platform. The new rules mean that from now on users in 14 countries will have to wait seven days for 21 to withdraw their funds.

OnlyFans users will have to adapt to the new rules when it comes to withdrawing their funds from the platform

These 14 countries include India, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela, the other nine are yet to be confirmed. This move is in addition to the payment restrictions that have lowered private message tips from $ 200 to $ 100 and capped the number of paid publications to $ 50. that upset the community very much.

OnlyFans has 60 million users and 750,000 content creators who are now seeing their payments reduced and how they will have to wait three times longer in those countries to withdraw their income. In addition, there is the uncertainty of knowing in which other nine countries the measure will be implemented.

From OnlyFans, they affirm that the changes are part of the evolution of the platform and that their goal is to secure the financial assets of both content creators and users.

The changes are two weeks after actress Bella Thorne signs up for the platform and has been made Get a Million Dollars in a Day. Many users wanted their money returned after verifying that there was no nudity in the photos of Bella Thorne. So there is a rumor that the changes are due to this incident.

For his part, a spokesman for OnlyFans has assured that the changes have nothing to do with the actions of any particular user, which frees the actress from guilt.

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