New species with alien appearance

They are creatures with a way of life very different from the one known. They are new species with an alien appearance. They were found by a group of scientists in the depths of the Clarion-Clipperton zone of the Pacific, between Mexico and Hawaii. They live in permanent darkness and have never been seen before by humanity.

«These areas are the least explored on Earth. “It is estimated that only one in ten animal species that live down here has been described by researchers.” This is stated by marine ecologist Thomas Dahlgren, from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

New alien-looking species were found.
New alien-looking species were found.

Sponges and crustaceans

Below a certain depth, the ocean becomes extremely hostile to humans. The weight of the water creates crushing pressures. Sunlight cannot penetrate the water as much, causing permanent darkness. But where humans don’t go, technology comes.

The work was carried out by an international team of researchers collaborating on the UK National Oceanography Centre’s SMARTEX mission. It sent a remotely controlled vehicle to depths of between 3,500 and 5,500 meters. One of the most spectacular discoveries made on the expedition is a transparent sea cucumber. He was nicknamed unicumberand belongs to the family Elpidiidae. In its image you can clearly see the digestive tract of the animal, full from its forays to feed on the seabed. It also has a long, unusual tail that may be useful for swimming.

«They act as vacuum cleaners of the ocean floor. “They are specialized in finding sediments that have passed through the smallest number of stomachs,” highlights Dahlgren. Among the new alien-looking species, a delicate crystalline sponge was spotted. In addition, a cup-shaped filter feeder with the longest animal longevity known on Earth, up to 15,000 years. Added to this is a crustacean with an elongated body, starfish, corals, anemones and a spectacular colored sea pig. pink barbie.

Species were discovered thanks to technology.
Species were discovered thanks to technology.


Sea pigs are a type of deep-water sea cucumber, also in the family Elpidiidae. They are plump and swollen, often pink in color. They move around on adorable chubby little legs. The Clarion-Clipperton zone area explored by the researchers is used for deep-sea mining. This can have a devastating impact on marine habitats.

«We need to know more about this environment to be able to protect the species that live here. Today, 30% of these marine areas under consideration are protected. We need to know if this is enough to ensure that these species are not in danger of extinction,” concludes Dehlgren.

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