New tools for kids Google Play Books

In its latest update, Google Play Books, Google’s application for reading digital books, is changing its interface and adding some tools to adapt to the little ones and offer some features that Make reading and understanding easier the texts displayed on the screen.

The new Google Play Books tools are designed to get the little ones reading.

On March 2nd, on the occasion of Reading Day in the US, Google Play Books released an update with tools for children. Previously, the application and its user interface were aimed at an adult audience, so it could be complex for the little ones who wanted to read on their tablets or browsers.

With the new update, the application has implemented the following improvements and tools:

– Dictionary for children: The application now has a dictionary of definitions designed to help children understand complex concepts. These definitions can be read or heard. In addition, most are accompanied by drawings and illustrations to help understand the concepts.

-Audio: With this update, a tool has been integrated that allows you to listen to the book aloud. With that in mind, Google Play Books will also add a storytelling library.

-Automatic pagination: Another tool that will make reading easier for the little ones is the ability to rotate the pages automatically or manually.

– Touch and listen: If little ones come across a word that they don’t understand or that is difficult for them to pronounce, they can click on it to have the application say it out loud.

These new features are currently only available in English language children’s books (ages 0-8) available on the platform and there is no information on when they will be implemented in books in Spanish or any other language. With that in mind, the platform’s library has some free books that you can use to test out these new features.

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