New way to study brain diseases

It is an area that there is a lot to know about. Mental disorders remain a challenge for science. Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University (MSUPE) has developed a method. It’s a new way of studying brain diseases. It involves the use of electromagnetism in the brain in the gamma range.

A new way to study brain disease involves gamma rays.
A new way to study brain disease involves gamma rays.
early detection

What would this make possible? Improve the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. For example, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and others. The article was published in Scientific Reports.

There are two main types of nerve cells in the brain. There are the excitation and inhibition neurons. Mental disorders alter the balance of your activity. And this can happen until the first symptoms of the disease appear.

Finding indicators (biological markers) is key. In this way they will recognize the excitation and inhibition of neurons. It is an important direction in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. How do I get this data? Inserting electrodes directly into the brain. Such invasive methods cannot be used for clinical studies.

Here is the new way to study brain diseases. High frequency, low amplitude electromagnetic waves from the brain would be vital. They can be used as an effective non-invasive biomarker. How can you register them safely? With the method of magnetic encephalography (MEG).

The test results are promising.
The test results are promising.
Effective method

The MEG will provide a lot of information about the balance of arousal and inhibition. Magnetic fields from the brain pass through the skull and skin unhindered. They provide reliable information about your activity. This is what the employee of the MEG center of the MSUPE, Elena Oréjova, thinks.

“Only men have participated in our research so far. You were a Swedish citizen. To extend the data extraction, we conducted another study. We invited healthy women who live in Moscow to take part in our study. The results were promising, ”emphasizes Elena Oréjova.

Thus, the brain’s gamma response is an effective biomarker. It can therefore be used for the early detection of mental and neurological disorders. In the future, scientists plan to study the effectiveness of this indicator for different groups of patients.

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