News Google Hotel Ads with the reactivation of tourism

Google has been introducing updates and new services related to it Google hotel ads, something related to the end of the pandemic, where searches related to flights, hotel reservations, and travel arrangements are expected to grow exponentially.

Google has announced updates to Google Hotel Ads to adapt to a new travel context following the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads is a Advertising platformsuch as Google Ads, which displays a list of hotel prices and availability information from various sources (such as hotel listings, official websites, and tools such as Booking or TripAdvisor) so that users can compare and choose the best available offer.

Google Hotel Ads provides a price view of hotels on the search results page (SERP) and allows users to view the entire Information on hotels, explore the area around the hotel (with Google Maps) and read testimonials from other users.

Updates to Google Hotel Ads

What are the three most important changes? The following:

-Apartments: Results for vacation rentals are added to the Google results page for hotels ( This is because this type of search has increased by 100% in the last year as these vacation options add more security and convenience to the end user.

-Direct booking in advertisements: Google will show a “Book” button directly in hotel ads and also in results displayed in Google’s SERP. This update enables advertisers Maximize the return on investment (ROI) of advertising campaigns. The information displayed in these types of ads is automatically extracted from the advertiser’s feed and includes the hotel’s official website, information, rates and availability.

-Update of commissions: At the beginning of the pandemic, Google introduced a commission system that allowed advertisers to Don’t pay for advertising when a reservation was canceled, which was very common in this context. In this sense, advertisers will from now on only pay ads for the stay they consume, ie if a reservation is canceled, the ad price will be reduced.

With this in mind, a system is offered to simply show which travel bookings have been canceled and which have not, and the offers for commission campaigns will also be adjusted, where advertisers can adjust their commission rates.

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