No, China has not received radio signals from extraterrestrials

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In the last week you’ve probably read news stories claiming that Chinese astronomers had succeeded in receiving audio signals from a distant alien civilization. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not the case, and that those radio signals that have been received are not coming from some distant point in outer space.

A news item published by Bloomberg gave reason to believe that alien life had been found

The information has been exaggerated since last Tuesday when Bloomberg agency published a news item claiming that “China may have found signs of alien civilizations in outer space” citing as a source a website on science and technology that has the support of the Beijing government.

The text pointed out that a team formed to search for extraterrestrial civilizations at Beijing Normal University had alerted of strange signals received by a telescope of 500 meters in diameter that they have located on top of a mountain in the Asian country.

It is a very powerful telescope, which apparently had been able to “hear” radio signals at certain electromagnetic frequencies. It was a very brief audio that it had managed to pick up, but it seemed to come from outer space.

However, it is one thing to receive a small noise and another to have, as many media have published, evidence of alien life in outer space. According to the Chinese scientists who made the discovery, they are still investigating what these sounds may be due to and should not venture to make hasty and, much less, sensationalist conclusions, as many media have done based on the Bloomberg news.

As they point out, the signals are most likely only radio interference by our own civilization. All the signals detected by the popular SETI project had been caused by humans, not by other civilizations. Radios, cell phones, satellites… would be behind these supposed alien signals which, unfortunately, are not such.

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