Non-smart cell phones are back in fashion

One of the technologies that produced a disruption is telephony, of that there is no doubt. In the last few decades, we went from the old landline phone to the “hyperconnected” smartphones. Although in between, and as in any new technology, there was a transition and a development, until the current cell phones appeared. Non-smartphones were the bridge that connected the old technology with that of this century.

non-intelligent cell phones

Non-smart or dumb cell phones are back in force

To this day, those first cell phones, without Internet access and with only the basics, seem “dumb”. That’s why they call them unintelligent or dumb cell phones. However, many people are using them again. Just look at online stores to see that they are still offered for sale.

These are basic cell phones that are only for talking on the phone and texting. They do not connect to the Internet and do not have access to social networks. Their functionalities are restricted to the aforementioned, making and receiving calls and text messages. Some, but not all, allow listening to radio stations and taking very low resolution photos. These are phones that were fashionable in the late 1990s.

Society chooses old cell phones again

The reasons why online stores offer them is easy to understand. Between 2018 and 2021, searches for simple phones increased by almost 90%, according to a well-known store.

Worldwide, about 1 billion units of “dumb” phones were sold in 2021. This caused the sale of smartphones to decline by 12.5% in the same time frame. Statistics report that , one in 10 UK users, owns a simple phone for communication. But what are the reasons for this decline?

what is the cause of preferring old mobiles?

For many people, the smartphone creates dependence. This dependence fosters in them the same symptoms as an addiction. If they go out without their cell phone, they feel as if they are unprotected or naked in the street.

For others, the reasons are economic. By not having access to social networks and other applications, they do not pay a monthly data bill. In addition, simple phones are much cheaper than today’s phones and also allow them to communicate.

Although, for many others, the reasons are more subtle. With today’s phones they were losing perspective on life with others, verbal communication had been cut off. Many people spend more time on social networks than with their own family.

dumb cell phones

Those who acquired a basic phone say they improved performance in their jobs. In addition, they have more time left to focus on other disciplines that they had put aside for smartphones. They can sleep more and even get back into the habit of reading a good book.

Worldwide, 9 out of 10 people own a smartphone. According to a recent study, people spend an average of 5 hours a day looking at the screens of their modern devices.

However, the same current system leads people to have these “wearable computers”. Virtual bank accounts, means of payment such as QR code are necessary today. In a world where virtual money is increasingly gaining ground, they are becoming indispensable. It is even predicted that plastic cards will be replaced by smartphones. All this, however, belongs to a future that is not so distant.

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