Norway’s rare pink aurora borealis

It is one of the most colorful spectacles on the planet. The night skies are filled with incredible colorful lights. Northern lights are pursued by people devoted to these natural phenomena. However, there is one kind of aurora that stands out even more. It is the rare pink aurora borealis of Norway.

Norway's rare pink aurora borealis rose to great splendor.
Norway’s rare pink aurora borealis rose to great splendor.

Rare color

It happened after a massive solar storm. A ‘cascade’ of pink aurora borealis flooded the dark sky over Tromsø, northern Norway. A massive solar storm hit the Earth’s magnetic field. After the impact, a hole was imprinted on this natural shell. This allowed solar particles to leak more than normal into the Earth’s atmosphere. From Tromsø, a municipality in northern Norway, it was more visible than ever. The phenomenon was observed in the sky as a ‘cascade’ of pink aurora borealis.

The fact that the Nordic lights take on this coloration is truly rare. This is explained in Live Science. In general, when solar particles interact with the magnetic field, other hues emerge. Northern lights appear in shades of green and emerald. That is why the case of Tromsø stands out among all the nights of natural spectacles. And they occur frequently in Norway.

It was a real waterfall that lasted two minutes.
It was a real waterfall that lasted two minutes.

Massive spectacle

The phenomenon was recorded on November 3, 2022. It happened while a team of explorers from Greenlander – a local tour company – was on a tour. They were walking around the best spots to observe Nordic lights. In the middle of the night, tour guide Markus Varik recorded the explosion of pink aurora borealis.

According to Varik, the phenomenon could be seen all over the city. From the road, in the forest and even inside the town. And it could be seen despite the light pollution emitted by the houses. In total, the display of pink aurora borealis lasted up to 2 minutes, starting at 6 p.m. local time.

This phenomenon was a consequence of a hole in the magnetosphere, according to The rare Norwegian pink northern lights witnessed by the lucky locals will always remain in their memory.

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