Novakid, the platform that revolutionized language learning

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Novakid is a platform that was created to make it easier for little ones to learn languages. With an innovative and fun training system, you will get the best results when teaching English.

What is Novakid?

Novakid is an online English school specializing in classes for children ages 4 to 12. In all of these classes the teachers speak English and teach the children interactively at different levels, each adapted to the needs and goals of the student. In addition, the programs taught at Novakid conform to European GER standards.

This creates classes that focus on games and fun to make learning and knowledge building easier. Therefore, the main peculiarities of Novakid are the following:

Specific program for all ages

At Novakid, a different program is developed for each age. Thanks to this, a study plan can be designed that is adapted to the psychological characteristics of the child’s development at each stage.

European study standard of the GER

The training program that this platform follows is endorsed by the European Union as it follows the CEFR levels (system of levels of foreign language proficiency).

Immersion in the linguistic environment with experienced teachers

The teachers at Novakid are experienced professionals in the field of education who also speak English. As a result, the children live linguistically for the entire duration of the lesson and live 100% with the language. That way, they’ll feel more comfortable and better consolidate the concepts they learn day by day.

Studies from home

A great benefit of this innovative platform is that you can take classes from home as they are all taught online.

Virtual reality classes

Teachers use virtual reality to take children on trips to the best museums and galleries in the world. A different but very interesting way to travel and learn.

App for parents

The parents of the students are also important in Novakid and that is why this platform offers them an application that allows them to access everything related to their children’s lessons: timetables, progress, comments …

What are the classes like and what levels do they offer?

Novakid courses last 25 minutes and are all conducted via a video call in the virtual classroom. Thus, the language is enhanced through live communication with an English speaking speaker. The classroom environment is completely playful and during this time games and other interactive materials are used so that the child can have fun, entertain and most importantly, focus on learning.

The levels offered by the study program on this platform are A1 and A2 according to the CEFR levels – a system of foreign language proficiency used in the European Union. In each case, three different levels are adapted: starter, mover and flyer, in which reading and writing, listening and speaking are practiced respectively.

It should be noted that the levels are not closed and the program used in Novakid is not used either. And if a student progresses properly, it is possible that they will be promoted to the next level earlier than planned. In addition, this platform adapts to the needs and progress of each student at any time. For example, the tasks that children do at home are assigned in a personalized way, the content of the classes in each lesson is adapted to the needs of the student, and the teacher can assign additional classes to work on the topics and aspects that one Students cost the most. certain student.

Classroom: all online facilities

A very interesting element of Novakid is that it offers the so-called to the students Classroom. This is a virtual room where students have everything they need to move forward in their classes and save their progress. So it’s kind of a virtual classroom.

In this classroom, kids can enjoy the following content:

– A personal account through which they can access the classes and materials the teachers deem appropriate.

-Games and Extra Assignments: This room is where kids can play independent games as well as other fun and entertaining assignments to deepen everything they learned in class.

-A file with video courses. This account stores all the videos of the classes as well as the materials used by the teachers so that Novakid students can access and review the material at any time.

-Certificate of Achievements: After each class, a report is made on the student’s performance, what he has achieved and what needs to be improved.

Without a doubt, Novakid is a very interesting option for parents who want their children to acquire an adequate level of English and learn to function in this language. Customized, fun and productive lessons.

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