Number of social network users in Spain [2023]

According to the latest report, the number of social network users in Spain is expected to increase significantly in the year of 2023. The research conducted by one of the Internet’s leading market research firms revealed that the number of Spanish social network users will likely exceed 24 million.

use of social networks in spain

More from 40.7 million Spaniards are already active users of social networks and connect to them at least once a month and carry out some online activity. This means that, of the country’s 47.54 million inhabitants, more than 85.6% already use social networks regularly.

The number of Internet users in Spain has decreased slightly in the last year.

These data are part of the Digital 2023 Report prepared by Meltwater and We Are Social. This is one of the main studies of the sector, which provides data at a global level, but also segmented by country.

As detailed in this study, Spain has 45.12 million Internet users (94.9% of the total population), which represents a slight decrease of 0.07%, as 33,000 Internet users have been lost in the last 12 months. This is the same percentage of total population loss that the country has experienced in the last year.

We Are Social Data Social Networks Spain

The number of mobile Internet connections has also experienced a significant increase in 2022 and there are already more than 58.3 million in the country. This implies a penetration of 122.7% compared to the total population. In one year, it has grown by 2.2%, incorporating more than 1.3 million mobile connections in the last year, as shown in the study data.

Annual growth in networks

How much time Spaniards spend connected to the Internet.

Another very interesting fact recorded by the We Are Social and Meltwater report is that in Spain, on average, citizens spend a total of 5 hours and 45 minutes connected to the Internet from different devices.

The time spent connected to mobiles is 2 hours and 53 minutes on average, which represents 50.1% of the total time spent connected to the Internet. Although mobile connections prevail, from computers and tablets Spaniards spend 2 hours and 52 minutes connected on average, i.e., practically the same amount of time per day.

Internet connection time in Spain

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