Obese pets can cause serious health problems

One of the problems that are the cause of several diseases is obesity. It’s unfortunate, but pets are unfamiliar with these types of problems and their owners often take them to the vet when it’s late. Obese pets are a common veterinarian advice.

obese pets

Obesity in pets such as cats and dogs has long been present in all countries. During the pandemic, it worsened even more due to a lack of exercise, as is the case with humans.

The number of obese pets increased during the Covid-19 pandemic

Obesity is nothing more than the accumulation of fat that is deposited in different parts of the body. The trigger is when daily food intake exceeds the calories burned during exercise, which happens repeatedly in the coronavirus stage.

While the problem isn’t just from that period, it was common even before delivery. Certain factors such as gender and age also predispose pets to obesity. It is also taken into account that neutered animals are usually more prone to this disease.

The cat is one of the obese pets

There are certain breeds that are genetically prone to be obese. Labradors, beagles, dachshunds, dachshunds, and cocker spaniels are more prone to obesity. It can also be represented by endocrine factors, such as hypothyroidism, which cause animals to gain weight.

Although diet excess, lifestyle and lack of daily exercise are also factors that lead to obesity. Cats and dogs are more susceptible because they will only feed and sleep if the owners don’t exercise them frequently.

obese pets who do not exercise

Obese pets can be avoided through a balanced diet and daily exercise

The owners of the animals are responsible for their illness. It is very important that people recognize the excess weight of their pets in good time, otherwise they will have a much shorter life expectancy. There are innumerable diseases that are linked to being overweight. Like diabetes, heart, respiratory or joint problems among others.

If the pet is overweight, it must be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible for a diagnosis. It is important to use the correct treatment. It is important for the owners to control the diet since the pets are puppies. If you are fed small by others, you will also get a fat adult pet.

obese cat

The latter means that because of their obesity, it also takes them much longer to reach an ideal weight for their height, gender, or age. Losing weight can take up to a year or even longer in some cases. Pet obesity is more common than thought, with around 50% of those living in large cities suffering from it. Especially if they live in apartments where they don’t have a convenient place to run and exercise on a daily basis.

There are no medicines in Europe that pets can use to lose weight, and they are not recommended for humans. A visit to the veterinarian is essential, who will create a diet and exercise plan that will be the best way for pets to lose weight.

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