Omegle closes after 14 years of activity

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One of the most popular -and most controversial- chats to meet strangers in the world, Omegle has closed its doors after 14 years of activity.

Throughout its history, Omegle has faced numerous lawsuits and controversies for allowing inappropriate, adult content and even accusations of supporting pedophilia. Now it is no longer providing service, as confirmed by its founder, Leif K-Brooks, in an official statement.

The manager has published a farewell letter addressed to all those who have ever used the service to meet strangers.

How Omegle worked

Omegle was launched in 2006 and its purpose was to create a digital space in which people with similar interests, anywhere in the world, could chat live in a totally random way, Chatroulette style.

On Omegle you could chat both via text and video with random people, without having to register. It was only necessary to access its official website from a desktop browser, a tablet or a smartphone and ensure that you were 13 years old (something that was not controlled in any way).

When it comes to a platform that is based on anonymity, registration is not an obligation. In this sense, users do not have to identify themselves, so there is no information about age, sex or identity. This point is quite sensitive, especially for certain age groups – younger users – who could be more vulnerable to attacks.

After accessing Omegle, the only thing you have to do is select the language in which you want to interact with other users. You could also select – if you wanted, as it was optional – the interests of the person you wanted to get in contact with.

Once the selection was made, Omegle connected you with another user randomly to start the conversation. If at any time, for whatever reason, you wanted to leave it, you only needed to press a button to be connected to another user.

Omegle, always involved in controversies

During the 14 years of its existence, Omegle has always been involved in controversies. Some sources indicated that the company even monitored the chats to prevent some content from being spread. But the reality is that Omegle has always been characterized, precisely, for his lack of control.

It has been the absence of rules and control precisely what has caused Omegle to become involved in constant controversies throughout its history. For example, there have been many cases of minors who have accessed chats in which they have come into contact with adults. There have also been known situations in which cybercriminals have accessed private conversations, managing to steal information from the computers of the users involved.

Precisely the delicate situations experienced and the total absence of a filter is what has led the creator of the platform to make the decision to close. According to him, currently Omegle has become an “unsustainable” service not only from an economic point of view, but also from an emotional point of view.

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