Online pornography consumption grows more than 60%

Pornhub porn free content

The consumption of pornographic content on the Internet during the year of the pandemic has been increased by more than 60%. This is according to the report on online pornography in Spain that has developed the cybersecurity company and computer expertise Quantika.

The average age of initiation in the consumption of pornography is set at 14 years old

The study is based on the analysis, over 100 consecutive days, of the three busiest porn portals Pornhub, Xvideos and XXNX, in that order. The first of these websites registered, as of mid-March 2020, a increase of more than 60% in its visits. On March 24 alone, for example, the site experienced a growth of 18.5% over its usual traffic. This was largely due to Pornhub’s initiative to make all its content free during the quarantine.

On the other hand, the report collects a series of data on the profile of the consumer of pornography and the accessibility of it. The study has detected that the average age of initiation in the consumption of pornography is 14 years. However, it has detected a 8.7% of consumers who start before the age of 10 and 53.8% who do so before the age of 13.

The majority of minors, 97.4%, consume this content in their privacy, and for the 40% of them are their only source of information about sexuality. In this population group, the majority of male consumers of pornography is overwhelming, 75.8% of the total, compared to only 35.5% of women.

Likewise, almost 30% of minors who consume pornography access it through their peer group. Only 15% access these contents by themselves and only 6.4% do so through messages received on social networks.

Among the trends in pornographic consumption, the study draws attention to the increase in the so-called “revenge porn.”. This situation occurs when, when a couple breaks up, one of the parties, usually the man, uploads sexual videos to the network as a form of retaliation and humiliation.

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