OnlyFans founder creates NFT platform for influencers

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OnlyFans founder Tim Stokley has announced that he will be launching a new start-up this summer, this time focused on non-fungible tokens (NFT) files that will bear the name of Zoop. It is a platform where users can buy and sell 3D NFT files of their favorite influencers. In short, it is a kind of digital sticker store of celebrities.

Zoop, from the founder of OnlyFans, will function as a kind of platform to exchange NFT stickers of influencers and celebrities

These NFT stickers will all be limited editions, with their official license issued by Zoop itself. What is not yet clear is to what extent the creation of these files has the approval of the influencers involved, nor is it known how they will participate in the design and dissemination of their cards.

From Zoop they assure that what they intend to do is to facilitate a “closer connection between fans and influencers”. This platform will not be limited only to the exchange of these digital files. Its owners and users will get in return advantages such as participation in exclusive communities that share their interests.

In this new venture, Stokley will serve as co-CEO of the company alongside RJ Phillips, another former member of the OnlyFans executive committee. Initially, the company’s plans are to publish about 500 stickers per influencer and, in the long run, they plan to create their own tokens.

At the presentation of Zoop, the two promoters have assured that it will be a “family friendly” platform. That is, unlike OnlyFans, Zoop will not host pornographic images or content.

OnlyFans itself will also soon begin to experimenting with the NFT files. The platform was testing, earlier this year, with profile pictures in NFT format. The CEO of the company said that this is only a “first step” in the adoption of this type of files.

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