OnlyFans guarantees adult content for 5 more years

OnlyFans platform logo

Although the OnlyFans platform has tried to modify its image so that instead of an adult content website it is perceived more as a service similar to Patreon, for which its content creators receive remuneration from their followers, the truth is that it continues to be the reference in terms of creators (and also creators) of erotic or racy content.

OnlyFans currently has a user base of 188 million users, generating $4 billion in revenue for creators.

And it does not appear that in the short to medium term this situation will change, based on recent statements by Ami Gan, CEO of OnlyFans, who has confirmed that at least for the next five years adult content will continue to find a home on this platform, allowing it to remain a way of life for its creators.

The confirmation is a firm endorsement of OnlyFans’ policy in this regard, especially after the announcement last year of a ban on the broadcast of explicit adult content on the platform. At the time, this statement was understood to be a response to the pressures from credit card payment companies.but the angry response from users caused OnlyFans to change its mind and retract its intentions within a week.

Currently. OnlyFans has a user base of 188 million users. with 800 new daily content creators, with growth rates of 128 % for ad+audience and 34 % for content creators. Last year earnings for creators (split on an 80/20 model, 80 % for the creator and 20 % for the platform) were $4 billion, with revenues of $932 million for the company, an increase of 160 % year-over-year.

Meanwhile, the social network TikTok has announced that it will begin age verification in order to offer adult-restricted content, although in reference not so much to content of a sexual nature but to topics or discourse intended for mature audiences.

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