OnlyFans has a new problem: piracy

The OnlyFans platform has become popular by allowing users to subscribe to exclusive content from profiles (mostly female) that offer adult conversations, pictures and videos. These are profiles that are more closely related than a more one-way website, but precisely because of the nature of the content that is disseminated and the significant income that can be generated, irregular behavior is found in profiles that source content from third parties without permission to post them as their own … in exchange for fans’ subscription.

OnlyFans enables you to strengthen the relationship between the content creator and followers by sharing exclusive content in exchange for a monthly subscription

And recently it has been discovered that OnlyFans presents a hidden face that is quite harmful for some of its users. One of the discoverers of these activities is Dan Purcell, an Irish computer programmer who lived for years in California, where he had a partner with whom he sometimes appeared in live videos on the Chaturbate platform. Years later, and back in his country, his new partner discovered these videos on the internet.

It happens that the Chaturbate videos, which are supposed to be live, are not recorded for posterity unless someone is dedicated to recording it and publishing it later. Purcell discovered a whole organized network of users who Automatically record content that is offered in streaming via webcam on different platforms to sell them later (even years later) to those who offer them on other platforms.

In other cases, there are content creators who see some of the adult material that they only offer to subscribers appear on web pages on the Internet without any benefit to them, even if it is material that is exclusive for the personal use of their subscribers. This material is sometimes available for free on websites or forums, but there are also those who sell it by promoting it as stolen photos or videos, which adds the morbid component of an extra invasion of privacy.

Purcell founded a company, Ceartas DMCA, which is the Help content creators find illegally obtained copies Your records and that of third parties used to trade them in various ways by joining similar ones like, Rulta or TakDownPiracy. Purcell’s proprietary software (the name comes from the Irish word for “truth” and the acronym for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) searches thousands of web sites on the Internet to request its removal. It’s a service that costs between $ 150 and $ 230 per month, but with OnlyFans subscriptions that cost between $ 5 and $ 50 (minus 20% of the platform) there are a sizable number of content creators out there deserve a pity to have this service to try to prevent potential loss of income by making their offer available on the internet for free.

In this case OnlyFans seems ready to help to those who suffer from these behaviors, even if it is only about lost profit, which can lead to the content offered on their platform being available for free (or for the benefit of third parties) on websites and forums in the end. One of the things they are quicker to do is to withdraw content that has been reported stolen by its rightful creators.

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