OnlyFans organizes a music competition for young talents

OnlyFans wants to stop being seen as a platform only houses sexual videos and photos or highly erotic content – which currently forms the majority – and shows that it can also be used to host other types of content.

OnlyFans is running a music competition for young talent to show that it can’t just be a profitable platform for sexual content

To this end, the company has launched a musical talent show in the UK to promote talent among young artists and encourage them to upload their compositions to OnlyFans as well.

Interested parties must participate Upload a 90 second video before next April 13th on his channel at OnlyFans with an original musical composition. They also have to fill out an entry form.

In this way they take part in the competition that has an economic endowment of more than Prizes of 23,000 euros. The winners will be selected by a jury made up of a group of experts from the UK music industry – artists Stefflon Don, Suki Waterhouse and Joe Goddard – and fashion designer Henry Holland.

Along with them, Tim Stokely, Founder and CEO of OnlyFans, will also integrate the Winners Selection Committee, who has stated that he is organizing this competition to help young talent get known in a context that is so difficult to get into to be successful in music like that we are living with the coronavirus pandemic, as concerts or rehearsals are not allowed.

OnlyFans has more than 100 million registered users. The owners of a channel require their subscribers to receive exclusive content. According to the company, the members have already raised more than 2,500 million euros, although much of the money is distributed by a hundred users, who are the most popular at OnlyFans. with millions of followers.

Although most creators make money from publishing erotic content, money can also be made from publishing music content, according to OnlyFans. The company ensures that the top 40 users in this space in the US generated sales of more than 1.6 million euros in the last month. This means that they were able to distribute around 40,000 euros per artist thanks to the content generated in OnlyFans.

If this data is accurate, it would show that OnlyFans can be a profitable business for the music industry, not just the adult entertainment industry. That’s the theory the company wants to support in celebrating its first music competition.

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