OnlyFans users earn 160% more in one year

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The growth in popularity of the OnlyFans platform has allowed the income obtained collectively by those who share content to reach the 3.860 million dollars during 2021, with a net growth of 160% over the previous year’s figures. For the platform this has meant profits (before tax) of $433 million, a substantial increase over the $61 million earned for the same item in 2020.

Blac Chyna is the OnlyFans content creator with the highest monthly revenue in this way: $20 million

Mostly this is revenue from subscriptions to creator profiles (mostly female creators) that supply OnlyFans with subscriber-only content that is often sexually explicitthe platform has generated large communities that are growing in proportion to the number of creators present on the platform. However, OnlyFans also has a free version, OnlyFansTV, a streaming content service that excludes pornography.

OnlyFans is also growing in number of creators. By up to 34% between 2020 and 2021, reaching the 2.16 million creators of content that already exceeds 188 million usersa 128% increase compared to 2020.

Amrapali Gan, CEO of OnlyFans, is proud to be offering its creators a social platform with great security from which they can empower themselves by having real control over content, its reach and monetization.

Examples of earning on OnlyFans include personalities such as Black Chyna, a leader in this section with monthly earnings of $20 millionfollowed by the singer and model Bella Thorne, with 11 million dollars a month or the rapper Cardi B with 9.34 million dollars a month of earnings obtained through OnlyFans.

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