Orca attacks on boats continue

They are happening more and more frequently. There is only mystery about the reasons why this happens, but there is a clear pattern. Killer whale attacks on boats continue, and could cause tragedy at any time.

In Europe, orcas continue to carry out attacks against boats. Not only that, but it is believed that this could begin to happen elsewhere. The waters of southwestern Europe have been the scene of frequent orca attacks since 2020. Not all of them have been so spectacular, but there is something that is scary, and that is that they are increasing in the area.

Orca attacks on boats continue in Europe, with increasing intensity.
Orca attacks on boats continue in Europe, with increasing intensity.

Recent attack

In numbers, there are at least 700 interactions that sailors have had, in recent years, with these cetaceans. These range from turning and lightly impacting the boats, to ramming them, destroying them and sinking them, according to Reuters. There also appears to be an increase in the intensity of the attacks.

The most recent case occurred on Sunday, May 12. On this occasion it was an attack on a sailboat, called Alboran Cognac, in the Strait of Gibraltar. What happened during this attack? It all started around 9 in the morning (local time). During the incident, the animals repeatedly rammed the ship’s hull and rudder, Reuters adds.

After calls for help, the sailboat’s crew, made up of two people, was rescued by an oil vessel. There is no precision about how many orcas were involved in the attack that ended with the sinking of the sailboat. However, it is a clear sign that orca attacks on boats continue.

These attacks are often directed at the rudder.
These attacks are often directed at the rudder.

Unknown reasons

The matter, in general, is reaching a dangerous point for sailors. Spanish authorities have even warned recreational boaters to avoid going too far from the coast. They also recommend that they do not stop their boats if orcas approach them.

It is not known what has triggered these reactions on the part of marine animals, only that they are increasing. What signal is nature giving us this time?

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