Owning a pet improves health

The study is from the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Japan. Pets are their object of interest. Also, people’s physical and emotional health. It was found that having a pet improves health.

Having a pet improves health, but that's just another reason to love them.
Having a pet improves health, but that’s just another reason to love them.

Improving life

Not only that. Owning a dog or cat reduces the chances of developing a physical or mental disability. how much? By up to 50%, says the study. The analysis was published in the Public Library of Science. It is one of the most prestigious digital scientific libraries in the world.

Living with a dog or cat for an extended period of time helps to improve cognitive ability. This results in an overall improvement in health. And it decreases the risk of disabilities, regardless of socioeconomic factors or even chronic degenerative diseases.

The study was conducted based on evidence from 11,233 Japanese. It will be presented at the next meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. Where will it be held? In the American city of Seattle, next April.

“Owning dogs protects against incident disability among Japanese older adults. But additional benefits can occur. It happens when the companionship of a pet is combined with regular physical exercise.” The experts worked for 3.5 years to reach these conclusions.

The study concluded that they decrease stress levels with a pet.
The study concluded that they decrease stress levels with a pet.

Less stress

The study found that a pet helps protect against cognitive decline. What does this prove? That the bond between humans and animals transcends the emotional or psychological aspect.

The head of the analysis is Tiffany Braley, a researcher at the University of Michigan. She says that having animals in the home helps lower blood pressure and decrease stress rates.

“Daily dog care aids in health and successful aging,” the study asserts. “Older adults who were dog owners had a significantly lower indicator of disability onset,” it adds.

Yes, maybe you already knew that owning a pet improves health. Think about that the next time you cuddle your dog or cat.

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