Pages that are not indexed also affect SEO positioning

Google claims that pages marked with “Noindex” are also evaluated as part of the Core Web Vitals. This means that any pages that have been deliberately marked by the user so as not to be indexed also play a role in the SEO positioning of the web pages.

Pages marked as “Noindex” have been marked even though they are part of a website, so search engine robots ignore them when indexing the page

To analyze Core Web Vitals, Google takes a group of pages and analyzes them, focusing on various usability and speed factors that are used to calculate the value for the entire website. If Core Web Vitals become a ranking factor in May next year, it will affect the positioning of the page in the search engine.

This can be a problem for websites that have Pages with slow loading times These were deliberately marked as “Noindex”, as these pages, although they are excluded in the robots.txt file, can be used within the group analyzed by Google to define the Core Web Vitals score.

With that in mind, John Mueller, SEO expert at Google, explained that Core Web Vitals are used to measure user experience on pages. As a result, pages marked as “Noindex” remain part of a website and their performance affects usability, so they should be included in this analysis.

Is it possible to exclude pages from the Core Web Vitals analysis?

At this time, Google has not provided any information about how the pages are grouped. However, Mueller has stated that it uses criteria that are directly related to content and URLs. Therefore, it can be assumed that pages with similar content or URLs will be grouped, e.g. B. Articles that are part of a content cluster.

With this in mind, Mueller has also stated that it might be a good practice to use folders within the server so that Google recognizes these pages as a group when analyzing Core Web Vitals. For example, it would be a good idea to create a “Products” folder that groups all of the product pages together. This allows you to isolate the pages that you don’t want to index in other folders.

Watch the video below for the full talk on how Google groups pages for Core Web Vitals and how pages labeled “Noindex” can affect:

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