Paper book or electronic book Which do you prefer?


One of the most deeply rooted traditions over the centuries and history is now under threat from technology, namely reading books on paper. Although not new, the electronic book is gaining ground even among the most conservative readers.

Although the content is exactly the same, an e-book is the non-physical version of printed books. To read them, they have to be downloaded to a tablet, computer, smartphone or e-book.

Paper or electronic book

Digital books offer some advantages

The e-book has advantages, among which we can mention the following:

  • You do not take up any space, there is no need to physically carry the book to read it on the trip when you go to work. You can read it on the selected device.
  • You can save a large electronic library to a file.
  • The costs for the e-book are lower than for the conventional book. The difference is that paper printing, transportation and storage are not paid for.
  • It is achieved almost immediately. It is only downloaded.
  • There are no out-of-print editions or titles of electronic books, they are always available to the reader. If not available in the country of residence, you can search for downloads worldwide.
  • Important sentences can always be found immediately, which is difficult in paper books. Many of the electronic books have built-in dictionaries for interpreting technical words. This makes homework easier for students.
  • People with visual impairments or older readers can adjust the size of the letters as they wish. There are even audio books that allow you to enjoy a good book without tiring your eyes.
  • They are ecological because they don’t need paper to make them and you don’t have to cut down trees to print.
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Many readers prefer the paper book

Many readers still prefer the paper book. There are people who like to have a library with their favorite titles at home. Others want to have the physical book that can be signed by the author. There is also one who prefers the physical book to keep a very dear dedication.

Paper or electronic book

A disadvantage of the digital book is that you need to have an internet connection to download it to an electronic device. Once downloaded, you no longer need to be connected to the Internet to read it.

Get to know e-books better

The e-book is a special digital device for reading electronic books. It is also great for storing in the many books. Various models with different properties and prices are available on the market. Because it was specifically designed for reading books, it offers a number of advantages that distinguish it from other devices:

  • You can change the type and size of the letter.
  • Increase or decrease the brightness of the screen.
  • Illuminated text so that it can be read in a dark room.
  • The device includes tools that you can use to highlight, underline, annotate and comment on the text of the book.
  • It enables a dictionary in the file to perform queries.
  • It is light because it only weighs 200 grams.
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Paper or electronic book - e-book

You can read an electronic book from an e-book, smartphone or tablet. Even paper book fans will still prefer to have the physical book. Regardless of the form chosen, reading is very beneficial. Whether it’s training your brain, relieving stress, improving writing, or simply because it’s your favorite pastime, reading a book is a rewarding activity.

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