PcComponentes Black Friday starts with a two week discount

Black Friday PC components

November is the most popular month of the year for tech enthusiasts and features the best equipment and technological products at the best price. It is of course the “Black Friday” month, the date on which the Christmas shopping season begins and which many consumers use to buy gifts for loved ones or to pamper themselves at lower prices.

However, Black Friday is celebrated on the last Friday in November so you still have to wait … or maybe you don’t, because luckily this year you don’t have to wait that long to get the best technology.

And this year, PcComponentes, the main Spanish technology e-commerce, has prepared the best Black Friday discounts in a very special way. The campaign starts… today, Sunday, November 15th at 10pm. The waiting is over! You can get it now Hundreds of technology products at very attractive prices!

In this very complicated year, PcComponentes has prepared a very special Black Friday, which will last two weeks and in which hundreds of offers in different product categories will be published on November 29th until 11:59 pm. Bluetooth headsets, game consoles, wireless keyboards, computers, game mice … on PcComponentes Black Friday you can find all kinds of products as the catalog has almost 3,000 references in total, offering a reduced price and discounts of up to 60%.

Discounted products can be purchased in PcComponentes’ physical stores as well as online at www.pccomponentes.com/black-friday. There you can find all the offers that are available during the two week celebration of Black Friday. In addition, “Flash” offers are offered daily with limited numbers and very attractive prices. You need to be vigilant as they will be posted on the website between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. But that’s not all, there are also numerous raffles with interesting prizes being offered through PcComponentes’ social networks, so you cannot stop following their profiles.

PcComponentes is celebrating Black Friday this year under the motto “United for Black Friday” with the aim of bringing all generations, all citizens, from all places and faiths, from all groups and communities to enjoy technology at very competitive prices all rolled into one such unhappy year. For this reason, the company is celebrating Black Friday for two weeks for the first time in its history, so that the joy lasts longer and the offers can be accessed longer.

Additionally, given the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a significant increase in online purchases is expected this year during the Christmas season. Be able to expect and have more time to do shopping Enjoy the discounts and get the reduced products On Black Friday, PcComponentes tries to make shopping easier for consumers so that they can make them conveniently and safely, while ensuring first class customer service throughout the process. In addition, they have extended the return period for products to January 15, 2021 so that those who are not satisfied with their purchase have time to return them easily.

It should be noted that the company has endeavored to offer more units available for each of the products for sale and has created a very extensive catalog of promotions that covers all product categories. During this special PcComponentes Black Friday, for example, you can get a loudspeaker with a Polk assistant at a 60% discount, a Lenovo IdeaPad 3 laptop at a 14% discount, an Asus Rog Chakram gaming mouse at a 47% discount or a Gigabyte Geforce graphics card with a 27% discount, along with thousands of other offers.

Don’t let time go by Don’t run the risk of running out of stock Let yourself be seduced by the Black Friday offers from PcComponentes. The company estimates that this year, when consumers will spend more time shopping from home for safety and social awareness, their Black Friday sales will increase 35% compared to last year’s campaign. The aim is to increase the number of orders by 45% compared to 2019, when 200,000 were registered. How many of these will you own? Do not miss the Black Friday offers from PcComponentes and take advantage of these two weeks with discounts of up to 60%.

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