The best free applications to track a mobile phone ¿the best in 2019?

In the information age, keeping in touch at all times has become a necessity and an obsession for many people. Young people, children and adults connected at all times through their mobile phones. But what happens when that precious device is lost?

Or when you need to know where your son is. In the market there are a lot of free applications to track a cell phone that can help you in any of these cases. Most of them work with GPS technology.

Here are some of those applications you can download to your Android device.

Free applications to track cell phones

This is a field that has become very competitive, as in many other markets, technological advancement and demand are fighting between paid and free applications. Those who are paid want to show that they are the best option and those who are free want to show that you can compete with things well done and for free and thus dominate the market.

All those applications that are free have that advantage for them. Who doesn’t love the fact of getting something good quality and free software? These are 6 apps that will be of great use to you.

Prey Anti-thief

The first of the recommended applications is Prey Anti-thief which, as every great idea has started from a need, in this case the need to recover or track a mobile to be stolen. Among its many advantages is the fact that it is a free software application as well as being one of the first to go to the mass market.

It is programmed so that in an innovative way the owner of the mobile phone is able to track and block the stolen cell phone completely or partially, ie can completely block the device or access to certain folders such as passwords and personal information.

This application has become very popular because it is functional, accurate and free. For this reason it remains in second place in downloaded applications of this type. If it is lost or stolen, you can go to prey’s website.

By logging in you can report the device as stolen and it will immediately tell you its location. Additionally it also makes a screenshot and if the mentioned device has a web cam or front camera it will take a picture which will be useful in case of trying to recognize the thief.

You can add up to 3 devices and keep them safe and protected this way. This is one of the most popular applications of its kind, one of the best and most reliable options, as it is important to keep your mobile phone safe.

track phone

Lost Android

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to track a lost or stolen mobile phone. It offers the same as many other applications such as photo or screen capture for facial recognition of the thief.

Something that stands out in this application is the sending of commands via sms to control the device. It is an application that gives complete control over the lost or stolen phone and complete access to the device and its stored information as well as its location on a map.

One of the most complete and reliable free applications on the market.

Family Locator

This is a tracking application a little different from others. Its approach is designed to create groups of people or circles of trust with whom you can share location data. Kind of a location network.

It works by configuring the devices of people of interest to know their location. It also allows members of the network to trace a route in addition to tracking the person as he or she does so and reporting whether he or she has stopped.

This application is intended primarily for families and to protect children who today are still vulnerable to theft and abduction.

Find Phone

A simple application that fulfills just what it promises which is to find your phone in case it is lost and stolen. It stands out for its simplicity as it has no additional function is very easy to operate, focuses on locating and tracking mobiles.

Through GPS systems this application allows you to find directly and accurately any mobile phone.

Your Achilles heel or main disadvantage is that the phone to be tracked must be connected to the internet in order to be tracked.

GPS Family Locator

Another application that allows children to be well supervised and that works with or without GPS. It is an application with which many people disagree, as they consider so much control over children counterproductive, however many parents would be delighted with this versatile application.

It can track any cell phone and show its location on a map, with the addition of being able to be a link that provides security to parents when children are doing activities outside the home.

The application can alert when the tracked mobile is with low battery as well as to mark the different locations.

Cell Tracking

find your mobile

An application designed for the competitive business world. In these tough days where it is necessary to monitor the movement of employees especially if they serve outside the office as deliverymen or salesmen.

It works in a very simple way, just install the application on the phone you want to track what will probably require collaboration from the owner. On each phone where the application has been installed, it will be possible to follow their step and track them. Which surely won’t make more than one happy.

As noted there is a wide range of applications that can be installed free of charge to ensure that a phone is tracked effectively. Some of the important and recognized ones were presented but it is important to emphasize that there are others in the market, less reliable and impractical because they are highly recommendable because they are functional and precise.

There are many methods available to track a cell phone, of course, always with the consent of the person or for the purpose of increasing the security of our device. For example, in the event of loss or theft, these techniques will help us locate it by giving us an approximate location on the map, offering options such as blocking the cell phone, deleting the data or making it ring remotely.

Would you like to know all the ways available to track a phone? You just need to keep reading.

How to track a cell phone by GPS

According to the company there are different ways to do it, in this first section we will cover the Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Samsung devices.

iOS Devices – Find My iPhone

This operating system has a very useful tracking function. If you have lost your iPhone, you can find it by going to the official iCloud website.

The requirements to do so is to have enabled the location tracking, usually comes by default, but you should check the configuration of the device.

Once you are on the page, enter your home details and go to the “Find My Phone” section. This procedure can also be done from an acquaintance’s iPhone or iPad.

Select the device you want to track, the map will show the last place you connected.

Click on the point and select between the three available options: emit a sound in case you are nearby, completely block the phone showing on the screen a number where the person can contact you, and if none of the above works, delete the data remotely to protect personal information.

Track a Samsung cell phone

This method only works if the Samsung account is associated with the device, and the “remote controls” option is enabled.

Go to the Settings – Accounts menu, and select add a new Samsung account. In case you don’t have one you can create it in the moment.

The remote controls are activated by default, but to be sure, go back to the settings menu in the location and security section, the box must be activated.

Log in to the Find My Mobile page and log in with the same account associated with the mobile device.

Select the option to locate cell phone, there will open the map showing the most recent location.

In addition, you will find 4 different options: block the cell phone by pointing to a contact number, check the record of recent calls, ring the cell phone in case it is close and you do not find it, and finally delete the entire information of the device to protect personal information.

Track any Android device

mobile track location

You can install Android Device Manager on any Android device or access it through any web browser. Once inside the application, log in with the google account that is associated with the lost cell phone.

The device manager will locate the phone, displaying the last connection on the map and the details of the phone in the top corner. There you will be able to select among the various actions available: Delete the information from the cell phone, block and include a personalized message on the screen, make the phone ring to locate it if it is close.

Track Windows Phone

You will be able to track any cell phone with Windows operating system if you have a Microsoft account associated with it. You only need to access the official website and log in, then in the top right corner select your phone and wait for the location to load the map.

As in the previous cases, you can choose between three options: ring the device to locate it if it is nearby, lock it so that no one can access it and include a message on the screen, or definitively delete personal data. This option cannot be reversed, so it would be the last option.

Cellular Provider Tracking Service

Some providers offer family plans that allow you to enable the tracking option on devices included in this plan. It’s a very useful way to keep an eye on your kids. Some of the providers that offer this option are T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, among others.

Track BlackBerry OS

The company designed its own tracking and security service, this is called BlackBerry Protect and allows you to locate the device in case of loss or theft. At the same time, it is used to migrate personal data between different models and back up contacts and text messages so that you can retrieve some important information.

How to track someone else’s cell phone

The easiest option to do this is through third party programs, must be installed on the device with the consent of the owner. For example, if a boss wants to keep track of his workers’ phone numbers.

Many parents often use these programs to keep an eye on their children, since some are hidden as is the case with GPS Tracker Hidden (Android). In iOS operating systems it is necessary to jailbreak.

Online GPS mobile locator

There are online applications, very easy to use and secure that only require the cell phone number and country code. If you have this data, it’s only a matter of seconds or a couple of minutes for the page to locate the exact location, or even sometimes you can view a history of recent positions.

Locate an Android phone from Google Maps

Google has simplified the task of locating an Android device by offering the option to do so via Google Maps in the browser. You only have to enter this link, with the account that is linked to the device you want to locate.

Once inside, it will take a few seconds to show the exact or approximate location, in case the cell phone is turned off it will show the last connection of it. Some data such as the battery percentage and the network to which the device is connected can be displayed.

In addition, 3 options will be shown as in the previous cases:

  • Sound the device for 5 minutes, even if it is silent.
  • Block the cell phone with a different code to prevent someone from entering, and add a personalized message on the screen in case it has been lost to be communicated to a number.
  • Permanently delete the data, in case it is lost. This way you will protect your personal information, contacts, photos, etc.

Cell Phones Tracking Applications

If what you are looking for is the best application to keep your mobile device located you are in the right place. In the market there are a lot of options that end up being a waste of time, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are. Next we will show you by way of introduction the best applications to track a cell phone.


Beyond a simple application, it is the world leader in tracking software. The company is dedicated to satisfying the user’s need to maintain high standards of security and vigilance.

The software works by keeping track of activity, including GPS location, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, web history, images and photos.

Allows legal Smartphone monitoring of Android/iOS operating systems, and Windows/Mac computers. It also has a specialized support via chat, e-mail or telephone.

Android Lost

As a free option, Android Lost offers the ability to track the device on GPS accurately. Not only that, it has a variety of different options, such as locking the phone, reading the most recent messages, activating a remote alarm, setting SMS commands, notifying when the SIM card has been changed, reviewing the history of recent calls, among other actions.

To be able to use the application you only need:

  • Download the app to your device through Google Play.
  • Register the phone into the application.
  • Log in to the website and log in with your Google Account. At this point you should receive a message announcing that the device has been successfully anchored.
  • Start to remotely control the cell phone by entering the “Controls” menu.

GPS Tracker Hidden

It is an application available for Android devices, can be downloaded through the Play Store and is very easy to use. The application runs in the background and does not correspond to a significant battery consumption. Among the features it offers is found:

  • Real-time device tracking.
  • Retrieve a phone in case you lost it.
  • Increase information security.
  • Keep an eye on the kids.
  • Record tracks.
  • Possibility of control through commands from the web browser.

Prey Anti-thief

Increase the security of your computers and protect yourself against theft for free. There is no need to create multiple accounts, as multiple devices can be connected from the same location. Among the functions to recover the cell phone are: photos taken in silence, location, screenshots, history of nearby wi-fi networks, among others.

  • Precise geolocation of the signal.
  • Pictures and screenshot.
  • Solid evidence to recover the lost device.
  • Data protection, allows you to block, delete and retrieve important information remotely.


Spyzie has proven to be one of the most effective applications to track a cell phone at a low cost. There are many reasons to start using this application, for example:

  • It is not necessary to use the Samsung, Google or iCloud account as in the previous cases.
  • Allows you to track phones other than your own.
  • It is not necessary to rotate the phone, so it is a viable option to use on children without them noticing. It also serves to monitor employees under a prior agreement.
  • The way it works is through GPS, showing on the map the precise location of the cell phone and also a route of the places where it has been before, or through which it has passed.

Find My Friends – Available for iPhone

This application is not exactly for tracking, but with a bit of ingenuity it can perfectly serve to share the location and keep you in touch with the location of your friends or family who want to share the location with you.

  • Download the application and invite your family and friends.
  • Within it, activate the “share my location” option.
  • Select the contacts you want to constantly share your location with, and select the time. You can click on “share indefinitely”.
  • The person you’ve selected will receive a message notifying you that you’re sharing your location, and another message telling them to share theirs. In this way both can be located on the map without the need to have the application open.

This application is constantly used to track without the person knowing, in case you have access to the iPhone for a few minutes. It is enough to hide the application in some folder. However, we remind you that spying on someone without their consent is illegal and could get you in trouble.

There are many other apps, but we have dedicated a special space to it. If you are interested in other options do not miss our post of the best free applications to track a cell phone.

GPS track phone

Track your family and friends through social networks

Beyond tracking a cell phone by theft or loss, there are applications that allow sharing the location with other users on the network, this is perfect for doing it in the family group or close friends. You could say it’s a way of taking care of each other.

Some of these social networks can be:

  • Find My Friends
  • Cozi
  • Live360
  • Glympse
  • Google

It is necessary that all people register for the service and give their consent about sharing the location with the rest.

Tips when tracking your cell phone

Are you ready to start tracking your cell phone? You may find the following tips helpful:

Be careful when monitoring the cell phone of a third party, without the consent of the other person may be penalized.

Please note that the location shown on the map when locating a phone is the last one before they have been switched off.

If you have installed any tracking software or application and then can’t uninstall it, go to a specialist who can help you fix the problem. Some applications can serve as a bridge for trucoers to access your information without realizing it. If possible, avoid downloading applications from unknown sources.

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