Phrases of Paul Dirac on science and philosophy

Not as well known as some of his contemporaries, Paul Dirac He was a famous British theoretical physicist who contributed fundamentally to the development of theories about quantum mechanics and electrodynamics. Therefore, today, to get to know you a little better, we will discover some of his great phrases that will make us reflect on science, life, the human and the divine.

His full name is Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac. From a young age he opted for science, and soon held the Lucasian Chair of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, of great prestige then and now.

In his last years, on the other hand, he left this chair to teach at Florida State University, where he spent the final decade of his work as a teacher and scientist.

To Paul Dirac, in addition to his work in the quantum world, we owe the discovery of fermions behavior, a finding that helped predict the existence of antimatter.

Thanks to his contributions to science, Dirac received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933, award he shared with Erwin Schrödinger due to the discovery of new and productive forms in atomic theory.

Let's see below some phrases that Dirac pronounced in life that will make us think and reflect for a while.

  • In science, you try to tell people, in a way that everyone can understand, something that nobody ever knew before. Poetry is the exact opposite
  • Philosophy is only a way of talking about the discoveries that have already been made.
  • It seems that one of the fundamental features of nature is that fundamental physical laws are described in terms of a mathematical theory of great beauty and power, to understand it you need a very high standard of mathematics … One could perhaps describe the situation by saying that God He is a very high order mathematician, and that He used very advanced mathematics in building the universe
  • I was taught at school that you should never start a sentence without knowing the end of it
  • The only objective of theoretical physics is to calculate results that can be compared with experience … It is totally unnecessary that a satisfactory description of the full course of phenomena should be given

As usual, it is time to reflect on everything we have learned from the genius of Paul Dirac, one of the great scientists in human history.

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