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Let's meet Pierre Curie quotes, although it is not a simple task. Recall that, despite the fact that in his day it was this French scientist who took all the credit for his discoveries, history has raised his wife, the talented Marie Curie.

However, Pierre and Marie were two soulmates. That is, during their lives, they always worked together and hand in hand. And, although the French nationalized Polish had an enormous talent, her husband was always by her side and working side by side with her.

Recall before reading Pierre Curie phrases that this man was a famous physical and chemical French born in Paris on May 15, 1859. During his career, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, without his wife receiving all the merit he truly deserved.

Pierre Curie did not leave too many phrases for posterity. However, the discoverer of the piezoelectricity that was with Marie a great pioneer in the world of radioactivity He was an admired scientist, so other important brains of yesterday and today had words of praise for him and his work.

Pierre Curie phrases and phrases about Pierre Curie

  • You can even think that the radio could become very dangerous in the hands of criminals, and here the question may arise in the benefits for humanity of knowing the secrets of Nature, if it is ready to take advantage of it, or if This knowledge will not be harmful to her. The example of Nobel's discoveries is characteristic, like those powerful explosives that have allowed man to do a wonderful job. They are also a terrible means of destruction in the hands of the great criminals that lead the people towards war. I am one of those who believe with Nobel that new discoveries are derived rather than bad for humanity
    • Pierre Curie was the beginning of a new stage in my life that has brought me powerful tools, and the natural continuation of a scientific career – Marie Curie
    • Pierre Curie, a brilliant scientist, went to marry an even brighter named Maria, the famous Madame Curie, and is the only brilliant scientist in history who consistently identifies herself as someone else's husband – Isaac Asimov
    • His faith in science is more sincere than the faith of many others in God. Christ or Allah, art or science, everyone has their own god -William Strube

Let us briefly reflect on the nobility of this great name of modern science.

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