Pipa Yuan, the largest restaurant in the world

China, with its impressive population of 1.4 billion, continues to amaze the world with its remarkable feats, many of them already recorded in various categories of the Guinness Book of Records. This nation has earned a new record, but this time, with a gastronomic feat that is truly extraordinary: the largest restaurant in the world. Although they already have many records to their credit. As demonstrated by the Three Gorges Dam or in the past, the Great Wall, which can even be seen from space.

The largest restaurant in the world
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Pipa Yuan, the largest restaurant in the world

It is built on the side of a mountain in the city of Chongqing, in the southwest of the Asian country. Its full name is Pipa Yuan Shiweixiam HotPot and its specialty is a traditional Chinese food, hot pot. This specialty is cooked in a cauldron and accompanied with different types of sauce.

In July 2022, El Pipa Yuan restaurant made history as it was certified to enter the Guinness World Records as the largest hot pot sanctuary in the world. The metropolis that houses it has a population of 31 million inhabitants, which guarantees a constant flow of diners.

Since opening in 1995, El Pipa Yuan, also known as Loquat Park Hot Pot, has been dedicated to this traditional Chinese delicacy. What makes El Pipa Yuan truly exceptional is its ability to accommodate hot pot lovers.

The largest restaurant in the world specializes in Hot Pot
Hot Pot

It offers 5,851 seats distributed across countless tables scattered throughout picturesque loquat gardens. It is a unique and cozy environment to enjoy this unparalleled gastronomic experience.

There are other restaurants that can accommodate thousands of diners.

In Syria there is a restaurant that is bigger than the Chinese restaurant. This is the Bawabet Dimashq, which is located in Damascus. It has 6,014 seats, with a kitchen of 2,500 square meters and a dining room that exceeds 54 thousand square meters.

The number of employees to run such an establishment requires the presence of 1,800 employees in the summer. However, this Damascus restaurant has six themed dining areas, and they are divided as if they were separate restaurants.

Some surprising features of the award-winning restaurant

The Pipa Yuan extends over 3000 square meters. To get to the tables from the parking area, diners must climb a fairly steep hill. Getting to one of the tables located at the top of the mountain can take about half an hour. Available tables are indicated with a light sign, which can be seen from a distance

What makes El Pipa Yuan even more special is its dazzling nighttime display. When night falls, the restaurant is illuminated with a variety of colors, delighting the eyes of visitors and creating a truly magical atmosphere. Meanwhile, hundreds of employees work tirelessly to provide an exceptional customer experience. To facilitate the convenience of customers, the restaurant has 25 payment registers, which speeds up the billing process.

During the busiest hours, the wait is usually long, although it is compensated by the views from the mountain, which are spectacular. Without a doubt it is special for tourists specialized in culinary experiences.

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