Places in the world that cannot be visited

There are various places in the world where human access is strictly prohibited. Some of these destinations allow visits under special permits, but for the most part, they are completely restricted areas for security reasons or because they harbor closely guarded secrets. Three of these sites are in Europe.

Global Seed Vault in Norway
Global Seed Vault in Norway – Image from Wikipedia
Inaccessible places in the world: Banned destinations in Europe

When planning a vacation, some look for unknown or dangerous experiences that will get their adrenaline pumping. For example, among the most dangerous points in Europe are the Black Forest in Germany or the volcanoes in Iceland.

However, there are places in the world where entry for visitors is prohibited. The governments of the countries that host these sites restrict access due to the danger of their facilities or to preserve their natural and cultural value. These locations, although fascinating, remain inaccessible.

The three banned sites in Europe are:

  1. Global Seed Vault in Norway
  2. Poveglia Island in Venice
  3. Lascaux Caves in France
Global Seed Vault

Located in the remote Svalbard Islands, Norway, the Global Seed Vault is one of the world’s most important sites for food security. Its objective is to guarantee the supply of food in the event of natural disasters, wars or other disasters.

Maintains a constant temperature of -18°C to preserve seed samples from almost every country in the world. This site, owned by the Norwegian government, along with others with similar characteristics located in other parts of the world, are crucial for the conservation of vital resources for humanity.

Poveglia Island

Among the places in the world that arouse the greatest curiosity, Poveglia Island stands out, located in the Venice Lagoon, Italy. This site, shrouded in stories and legends, served in the 14th century as a quarantine shelter for patients with bubonic plague. Later, in the 19th century, a psychiatric hospital was built, adding to the island’s bad reputation.

Places of the world
Poveglia Island in Venice – Image from Wikipedia
The Lascaux Caves in France

The Lascaux Caves, located in southwestern France, are home to some of the most impressive and well-preserved cave paintings from the Paleolithic period. Discovered in 1940, these detailed depictions of animals and human figures offer a unique glimpse into the lives of our ancestors more than 17,000 years ago.

Lascaux Caves in France
Lascaux Caves in France – Image from Wikipedia

The caves are closed to the public to protect their fragile paintings, but a replica allows visitors from all over the world to admire and enjoy this valuable world heritage site.

Other prohibited places

There are other places in the world with prohibited entry outside of Europe. For example, Isla da Queimada Grande or Cobra Island in Brazil, located off the coast of São Paulo, is one of the most dangerous places in the world due to its high concentration of poisonous snakes.

The Bothrops insularis or golden viper, whose venom can cause death in a few hours, lives on this island. Only authorized scientists and Brazilian government personnel are allowed to enter.

These places in the world, although inaccessible, continue to fascinate because of the mysteries and dangers they contain.

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