Plex allows you to collect all streaming platform subscriptions

How to create a home media server with Plex

The Plex application, which allows you to create a multimedia streaming server with devices connected to your home WiFi network, has just added a new useful service concentrate content from streaming platforms to which you are subscribed.

Plex offers server-like access to content available on physical devices at home and now adds streaming platform management

Plex is looking to become the home entertainment manager capable of concentrating all the contents, both those physically available on hard disks (especially NAS) and devices connected to the home WiFi networkdirectly or through computers or consoles as well as to content available from the Internet through streaming platforms.

The proposal is most interesting given the proliferation of streaming platforms currently available in Spain, both paid and free. Plex allows to know the contents available in a complete list of these platforms, as a programming guide. If the user is subscribed to any of these platforms, it is enough to click on the content file to start playback. It is also possible to

This function can also be activated from the search engine of the Plex app, which works in a similar way to JustWatch, offering information about the movie or TV series on which the search is set, as well as the streaming platform where it is available. Again, just by clicking on the content, if you have a subscription to that platform, the content will start playing.

The Plex app is available for free for all types of ecosystems and operating systems: iOS and Android, personal computers and home game consoles (Play Station and Xbox) as well as for smart entertainment devices such as AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

In this way almost any device will be able to benefit from the possibilities opened up by Plex.

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