Plummeting into a black hole

Over the past few decades, Einstein’s theories have been reconfirmed time and time again. His calculations and predictions were largely accurate. We can add another link to that chain of events and phenomena in physics. Plummeting into a black hole has never before been practically confirmed. Until now.

Researchers have finally confirmed one of Albert Einstein’s key predictions about gravity. There is a region at the edge of black holes where matter can no longer remain in orbit. So instead, it falls inward, just as his theory predicts. That explains the recently detected plummet into a black hole.

The plummet into a black hole confirms what Einstein said.
The plummet into a black hole confirms what Einstein said.

First detection

Albert Einstein’s theory states that it is impossible for particles to safely follow circular orbits when they approach a black hole. Instead, they rush quickly towards the object at close to the speed of light. This is what gives its name to the immersion region.

«Einstein’s theory predicted that this final collapse would exist. However, this is the first time we have been able to demonstrate what happens. This is what the researcher from the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford, Andrew Mummery, shared. The Oxford team spent the last two years developing models for it. Finally, in a study that has just been published, it demonstrated its first confirmed detection using X-ray telescopes and data from the International Space Station.

It is the first detection of this event.
It is the first detection of this event.

Better understanding

“We believe this represents an exciting new advance in the study of black holes. This allows us to investigate this final area that surrounds them. Only then can we fully understand the gravitational force,” he added. The researchers say there was much debate among astrophysicists for many decades about whether the so-called dipping region would be detectable. But once again, Einstein was right.

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