Predictions and trends in digital marketing for 2022

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The year that is about to come to an end has been a revolution for digital marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has left very deep traces in society and, above all, in the consumption habits of users, which have been affected by the restrictions and have given rise to new techniques such as c-commerce.

New trends in digital marketing require brands to get involved in social issues such as inclusivity or sustainability.

With all this, 2022 is expected to bring new changes in the industry that will change the way marketing campaigns are approached, by offering more importance to aspects such as inclusivity, privacy or content.

-Inclusivity: One of the consequences of the pandemic has been to highlight structural inequalities, which has led consumers to become concerned about how brands address issues related to equality, inclusivity or diversity. This is partly due to the emergence of the more engaged and sensitive Generation Z, who want representative marketing that recognises different identities and is able to develop hyper-localised initiatives. It is necessary to investigate what identity means to our clients and integrate these findings into the creative process, updating language and designs.

-Sustainability: The new society is moving towards values, not only inclusivity is important, but also sustainability. Customers expect brands to facilitate the integration of sustainability from a different point. It is no longer enough to invite the customer to recycle, the brand must participate by using recycled or biodegradable materials, which allow customers to recycle without having to make a big effort.

-Relevance: To stand out in 2022, brands will need to find more direct ways to showcase the value they bring as well as their goals. We must learn to create messages and experiences that represent brand values, while reflecting the identity and needs of customers.

-Content: Shopping habits have changed a lot in the last year. Today, we can buy from most social networks and even from WhatsApp, which means that we have to reinvent the content we create. Content must attract attention, promote products and services, connect with the audience and direct the customer to the sales channels. This is what is known as ABCD (Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct).

-Data analysis: Data analytics professionals will be more important than ever starting next year. It is very important to know how to analyze and interpret data, for example, a video campaign may not get immediate results, but improve conversion in the long term. To discover such situations it is necessary to study the data as a whole and not do it in isolation.

-Privacy: In 2022 practitioners must prioritize the development of a customer-centric data protection strategy, which will involve redesigning measurement methods and how audiences are reached. What is important is that users feel they have regained control of their data and can manage what information they share, as well as decide when they stop sharing it.

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