Prehistoric inventions are part of the evolution of mankind but anonymous

Nowadays, we live in a highly technological world. We enjoy the Internet, cell phones, artificial intelligence and so many other things, but early inventions are also important. But the first inventions are also important, but who were those men whose prehistoric inventions shaped the evolution of man?

prehistoric inventions

Thousands of years passed, but prehistoric inventions remain anonymous

Unfortunately, those who invented the wheel, the bow, the arrow, fire and so many other things remain anonymous. Although without their inventions humanity would have stagnated and would not be what it is today. Perhaps we should start from the premise that there is a point in common between the present and the primitive men.

We all have something very valuable, imagination and curiosity. It took millions of years for the first technologies to be applied by humans. They had to work with the natural elements that surrounded them and find a specific use for them.

About three million years ago, early humans were making stone flakes that they used for chopping. The first hand axes date from about two million years ago. One of the most important discoveries, although at that time with its limitations, was that of fire, one million years ago.

It was only about 500 thousand years ago that humans began to use more sophisticated inventions. Spearheads, axes, bows, wheels, beads and they mastered the art of fire without difficulties.

The main inventions occurred in different places of the planet

However, inventions did not arise from a particular people. They were made by different groups and epochs, Neanderthals, primitive sapiens and modern Homo sapiens. Innovations were shared by the different groups and spread among them. This implies that there were always more intelligent humans who shared their inventions with their contemporaries.

Thus, in Africa 500,000 years ago, a smarter human attached a stone blade to a spear. This enabled him to hunt at greater distances. The invention spread around the world and was perfected.

The mastery of fire was about 400 thousand years ago. It spread very rapidly. Soon after it began to be used in Africa, Europe and the Middle East almost simultaneously. Beads were the first ornaments used by primitive humans. The first of them were made with snail shells that were pierced and passed through a string.

fire is discovered

Some cool inventions stood out even more

One of the coolest inventions was the bow and arrow. They estimate that it appeared in Africa about 70 thousand years ago, it is possible that it was in the hands of the Bushmen. The invention traveled the world, reaching even the Americas about 12,000 years ago.

Although we cannot talk about genius inventions without naming one of the most important, the wheel. According to writings, it was already in use some 3500 years before Christ. However, oral histories say that it was known as early as the Sumerians. Early wheels were large rollers made of tree trunks. The load was placed on top of them and they were rolled. Over the centuries, this invention was perfected and is irreplaceable today.

There have always been smarter and more ingenious humans throughout history. Of course, of the Da Vinci, the Tesla, the Edison or the Wright of prehistory, authors of prehistoric inventions, we will never know their names. Although they were the precursors of our evolution.

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