Prevents applications from closing in the background in Miui

  • New method with Miui 12 at the end of the article

Miui is one of the most TOP Android layers in terms of design, functionality and customization, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, is constantly criticized for its RAM management for its eagerness to close certain applications in the background. Although it does this to gain more RAM for apps in use, it can be problematic in some cases. For example, it may happen that you do not get the notification of an appor Mi Fit does not sync properly with your Mi Band 5.

has it happened to you? Well, no more! Here is what we show you how to avoid closing background apps in MIUI (Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco), don’t miss it!

Prevent apps closing in the background on your Xiaomi (MIUI)

It is not superfluous to remember something: this tutorial works with all mobiles Xiaomi, Redmi or POCOi.e. smartphones with MIUI. Having clarified that, here are the steps to follow for keep or lock apps in the background:

  1. Go to the ‘Multitasking’ panel by clicking on the navigation button or simply by swiping from bottom to top.
  2. Press and hold the app you want to keep always in the background, until a menu of options pops up.
  3. Then press the lock icon.

app lock

This is how they stay in the background, now it’s time to make some more settings so that they never close:

  1. Go to Settings → Battery & performance
  2. Then press the gear icon located in the upper right corner.

miui settings

  1. Next, tap on the ‘Battery saving in apps’ option.
  2. Once inside, find the app that you don’t want to be closed, tap on it so that you then select the ‘No restrictions’ option.

no miui restrictions

With these steps, you prevent the battery saver included in MIUI from closing some apps in the background to gain autonomy.

And therefore you will now receive messages on WhatsApp, mail , Telegram, Mi Fit and other apps that previously did not reach you because of “this problem”.

you can’t lock apps in Miui 12?

With the arrival of Miui 12 on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones came problems and many changes. Changes that many people did not like, as is the case of remove the locking of applications from multitasking.

application locking in miui

Locking applications from multitasking is not possible since Miui 12

Surely you remember when you hit multitasking to leave locked the apps of mail, WhatsApp or Telegram so that you are always notified in time. Well, in many Xiaomi phones, since the last update of Miui 12, they no longer have this option.

If you have noticed this, it is possible that when you click on the application to bring up the lock, it opens the options for that application instead, making it impossible to lock it, at least in the traditional way.

how to lock apps since the latest Miui 12 update?

The new method to lock apps on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco is as follows:

miui security application

  • If you have this problem, you will need to go to the security application (installed on the system)
  • Within this you will find an option that says “Speed increase
  • In there we’re going to give the settings in the upper right corner

security enhancement settings

  • You will find the first option that says “Block applications“and the number of apps you currently have blocked.
  • Once inside, you will see a list of all the apps you have installed on your phone.
  • You only have to activate the applications that you never want to close (usually messaging, youtube, whatsapp, etc)

lock apps on xiaomi

Once you have done the activation of the apps you want to block so that they never close, you can observe from the multitasking as a closed padlock has appeared for these applications.

In this way the Miui system, will not close these applications to save batteryif it does, you will start having problems receiving messages, tracking physical activity if you use a watch, emails that don’t arrive until you enter the app, etc.

is it good to block many Xiaomi apps to be awake?

The answer depends on the type of user you are, think that the more apps you have with the lock, the more phone memory you will be using and thus, more battery drain.

  • We recommend that you have the applications that you use the most, or that you need to be always active, for example Whatsapp or Telegram.

Since other applications, when you enter it, will be when they are updatedand this will improve your battery saving.

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