Prime XBT Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Guide

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Prime XBT is one of the leading cryptocurrency buying and selling exchanges in the market. This cryptocurrency exchange platform requires leverage and no KYC to trade all types of digital assets, which has given it unparalleled importance and consideration within the market. Thousands of traders, both experienced and novice, rely on this platform to carry out all their actions.

In this article we are going to analyze in detail the Prime XBT affiliate program, to find out if it is a really profitable option and how it can help you make money and in what way. Are you interested? Let’s get started!

This is what Prime XBT affiliate program looks like.

Prime XBT’s affiliate program is meant to help users earn money by recommending the use of one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there.

It is an affiliate program that differs from others that other exchanges have because of its simplicity of use. It also allows you to earn income instantly and also enjoy higher conversion rates than other similar programs.

One of the favorable points of the Prime XBT affiliate program is that it is open to all users and anyone can open an account right away. All you need is a valid email address and an Internet connection.

With this, you can start using the affiliate program right away and start earning income by recommending Prime XBT to your friends and contacts – it’s that easy!

How to earn money with Prime XBT affiliate program

Earning income with Prime XBT’s affiliate program is very simple. Once you are registered and accepted into the program, you will earn profits every time a person referred by you carries out transactions within the platform.

The participant in the Prime XBT affiliate program can get up to 70% of the revenue generated by his referral. In total, you can reach to collect up to $1,200 for each customer you have referred. You can also benefit from tailor-made offers.

In the Prime XBT affiliate program, you get paid for each profit made. The user has access to a complete statistics panel in real time to know the activity of their referrals and the money they will get for each of the actions they have performed.

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Moreover, unlike other exchanges, Prime XBT affiliate program makes payments once a week, so you will get recurring income.

Marketing tools

To help affiliates promote the Prime XBT platform and earn more revenue, the company makes available a full range of marketing tools and resources that will enable them to raise awareness of the products.

For example, there is access to welcome accounts with bonuses, which can be offered to referrals to make them aware of the platform. There are also free funded accounts or commission discounts that users can take advantage of to attract more people to become their referrals.

How to join the Prime XBT affiliate program.

Follow the instructions below to start participating in the PrimeXBT affiliate program:

-The first thing you have to do is to go to the web address and click on “Register”.

-You will have to fill in the registration form and confirm the email address provided.

-Once you have done this, you will be able to access your account. Click on “Account” and go to “Profit Affiliate”. You are now inside the program and you can start using it and refer other affiliates to start earning profits with the Bitcoin affiliate program and trade other cryptocurrencies.

Who can join the Prime XBT affiliate program?

One of the advantages of the Prime XBT affiliate program is that anyone can apply for access to it taking into account the step-by-step we have explained in the previous section.

Moreover, the program offers flexible conditions to all partners and exclusive offers taking into account their characteristics and conditions. Therefore, a good idea is to contact Prime XBT to get a personalized offer.

Those individuals and institutions that have an important community or audience behind them will surely get a very high economic benefit by using Prime XBT’s affiliate program.

For example, affiliate marketers with high quality online traffic using Facebook ads, Google ads or other ad networks. Also media owners, website managers or bloggers with loyal and well-defined audiences; social media influencers with a very active community on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or a strong Telegram channel. In the same way, it can be a very attractive option for education centers, trading schools, experts and entrepreneurs in cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin, and so on.

Tips on how to get more out of Prime XBT affiliate program.

As in any relationship between people, trust is essential. This is true between friends, family… and also between Prime XBT affiliates.

Establishing trusting relationships is essential for people to trust the person who recommends them to use the program. That is why it is advisable to be honest and recommend the program explaining its benefits and also the real experience the user has had using it: how easy it was for him, how he traded cryptocurrencies thanks to Prime XBT, etc. Establishing trustworthy and long-term relationships is key to add benefits and earn income in an affiliate program of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Prime XBT.


As you can see, employing an affiliate program like Prime XBT has a huge potential for benefits. First of all, thanks to how easy it is to use and the fact that it is open to any user. It also stands out because of its transparency when it comes to reporting in real time the transactions made by affiliates and the earnings obtained.

Its weekly payment system is also an advantage compared to the competition, as well as the constant support and support offered by the company at all times to members of its affiliate program. Go ahead and try it out and start earning interesting income.

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