Problems with Yahoo! mail Mail, down worldwide

If you are a user of the Yahoo! mail service -one of the main alternatives to Gmail– you may be running into problems accessing your inbox or recovering old emails.

It is not something that is happening to you alone. The Yahoo! service It is down and is not working normally around the world. The error is not only caused by the email service, but also affects other products of the company: search engine, weather alerts… and also the news service (Yahoo! News) in those countries where it is available.

Yahoo! messages cannot be loaded Email

The fall of the Yahoo! service in general and Yahoo! Mail in particular has been confirmed by Downdetector, a company that monitors the activity of hundreds of online services and records complaints registered by users globally. As can be seen on its website, countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and the United States, among many others, are suffering from the interruption of the Yahoo! mail service. Mail.

Yahoo service down

Citizens around the world are having problems accessing their emails on Yahoo!, especially when it comes to emails sent more than two months ago. As TreceBits has seen, when searching for a specific email in the inbox or any other location, Yahoo! Mail lists the results. However, when you try to access the content, an error message like this is displayed, stating that the message cannot be loaded. It invites you to retry the upload, but in all cases it is somewhat unsuccessful:

Yahoo mail error message

Yahoo! has not offered details about the origin of the problem, despite the fact that it has been occurring for hours. In fact, in their support accounts on social networks such as possible. We will update the information as soon as there are new developments in this regard.

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