Products you should buy on the Internet with caution

Things you should not buy on the Internet

Buying on the Internet has revolutionized the market and the way in which we can purchase all kinds of products. Despite this, and in order to make safe purchases on the web, there are certain purchases that require more caution than others: some things may be too delicate to be shipped and others require extra attention to avoid counterfeits or scams.

Some products circulating in online shopping have a high level of risk that cannot go unnoticed.

Some products with which it pays to be very cautious when purchasing them on the Internet would be the following:

– Medications: There are several online pharmacies that offer quality service, but the most advisable in this case is to use a recognized service that you can trust. Do not buy from no-name sites or from overseas portals that are viralizing advertisements on the web. You should also avoid private sellers and retailers. Especially when it comes to “miracle” products or products that cannot be found in traditional pharmacies. In this case, be wary.

– Second-hand articles: there are multiple platforms where we can make arrangements with a seller to buy something second hand online. An example of this is Facebook Marketplace or Wallapop. In these systems there are people who engage in scamming and, in the best case scenario, the user is forced to negotiate the product with a stranger, so extreme caution should be exercised.

– Very cheap electronic devices: common on the Internet, but when a device is ridiculously cheap, it is most likely a counterfeit, so extreme caution should be exercised when purchasing it. It is common for example to see pirated memory cards, USB drives and other computer peripherals of poor quality being sold.

– Digital codes: this type of code often found on games or gift cards is not reliable. When they highlight discounts of 40% or more, it is very likely that they are keys acquired through stolen credit cards. This is a huge risk, as they could jeopardize the buyer’s account by using stolen serial codes.

– Bicycles: They are one of the most stolen items worldwide. Before buying a second-hand bicycle on the Internet, it is best to thoroughly research who the seller is and where it comes from. Also, know the model of the bike, year of manufacture and serial number to do a thorough search on the Internet. This will help you to know if it is something stolen or totally legal.

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