Qatar World Cup forces installation of 2 apps accused of espionage

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Authorities in Qatar, the country where the 2022 FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in the coming days, are asking visitors to to install two apps on their cell phones to be able to access the stadiums. They are called Ehteraz and Hayyaand according to the authorities, their role is to detect COVID-19 infections and manage smooth access to the stadiums, respectively.

FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup is about to start and there is controversy over the apps required for admission

However, there are suspicions that the Qatar 2022 apps may serve, beyond the stated purposes, as an espionage tool that accesses the user’s personal data. In this sense, the applications that the host country of the FIFA 2022 World Cup wants to impose would violate the privacy of those who install them, according to a report by the cybersecurity managers of the Norwegian service NRK.

According to the report, signed by its head of cybersecurity of the Norwegian public entity, Øyvind Vasaasen, these applications would record the user’s location through the use of GPS and also access sensitive content of the smartphone with the ability not only to read it, but also to edit or delete it. In the same way, they would also obtain information about the WiFi or mobile data network being used by the user.

While geolocation may seem a logical function, since an app to detect COVID-19 contagions requires location knowledge, other permissions requested by the apps raise serious doubts.

For example, Hayya requests permission to. almost full access to the information on the user’s phone while reserving the right to share it with third parties. The freedom to read, edit and delete content required by these apps is also criticized. The Qatari government could, if it so determines, delete photos, messages or content on any cell phone that has them installed as offensive.

Unfortunately, there do not seem to be many alternatives to avoid installing these two apps if you want to access the World Cup stadiums. The only advice that could be given would be to download the app only when in Qatar and, if possible, use a dedicated phone while in the country.

If you are not going to attend the Qatar World Cup matches in person, you can be aware of everything that happens in them thanks to the updated information provided by these recommended apps for the Qatar World Cup that, in addition, do not get so many personal data.

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