Recommended Ethernet Cables for Faster Internet

If you have an Ethernet connection in your home or simply want to create an Ethernet network in your home to take better advantage of the speed of your Internet connection, you should know that just any cable will not help you squeeze out the speed of your connection. If the speed is greater than 500 Mbps, it is best to opt for a Cat 8 type cable. which is designed to withstand high speeds.

Logically, there are a large number of Cat 8 Ethernet cables available, of all brands and colors, however, not all are made with the best materials or offer the expected performance. Therefore, here we have prepared a list with the most competent Ethernet cables for a fast connection, they stand out for the stability they provide.

Best Ethernet cables for fast Internet

These cables stand out for being resistant and efficient, if you want to make the most of your Internet connection, you should get one of them, especially if you play online video games.

DbillionDa Cat 8

A good option if you have to arrange the wiring outside your home, since it is made for the outdoors. Withstands UV rays, water, extreme heat and dust, it is available in very long lengths so you can reach the connectors comfortably.

The exterior of the cable is made of 26 AWG material, it is an extra thick cable with high performance shielding that ensures stable and high speed data transmission over long distance. The RJ45 connectors are gold plated and also works for underground wiring. Its price is 22 euros for every 3 meters.

Internet cableInternet cable

Dacrown Cat 8

If you have a fast connection at home, this cable is a safe purchase, as it supports connections of up to 40 Gbps and its maximum supported bandwidth is 2000 MHz. The RJ45 connectors are gold-plated in order to offer a faster connection. stable.

The cable construction is durable (26 AWG), so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The material resists the impact of the elements and also withstands UV rays. It costs 17 euros (two meters).

high speed cablehigh speed cable

Dasook Cat 8

An ideal cable for playing online video games with low latency and no slowdowns. Dasook Cat 8 can reach speeds up to four times faster than Cat 6 cables, resulting in almost immediate response time.

Inside the cable, the copper wires are covered with aluminum foil in order to repel electromagnetic interference. The cable is malleable, you can bend it to place it in any position you want without taking any risk. This has a cost of 9 euros (three meters).

Cable to play onlineCable to play online


A cable that stands out for its good construction, the copper wires are shielded and are braided by a cotton mesh to provide greater elasticity. So it is a resistant product with high durability.

The cable is made to be installed indoors, since it does not have the necessary certifications to be outdoors. Likewise, it can support a maximum speed of 40 Gbps and you can connect it to the router, computer, console, etc. Its cost is 9 euros (two meters).

Versatile cableVersatile cable

Jadaol Cat 8

Finally, we close with a cable designed for sheds, offices and warehouses, since you can purchase it with a maximum length of 60 meters. It has a flat design that makes it easy to install the cable in walls or in special wiring channels.

Data transmission reaches up to 40 Gbps and the maximum bandwidth is 2000 MHz. No matter how long the cabling is, Jadaol ensures that the connection speed will never drop below 10 Gbps. The amount is 9.50 euros (two meters).

Warehouse cableWarehouse cable

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